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I think my cat knows what's up... Lost Plug (naturally TMI)

Seriously this little doombot has been all over my naughty list the last two days. Waking me up early yelling at my all the time (he seriously doesn't meow like ever so this is worrying me) and being a general attention whore...So part of me is all worried he's being so weird. Today he's been a super awful whore cat and yelling at me like non stop. I got up to go to the bathroom about an hour ago and my mucous plug decided now was a good time to evacuate the premises. I've been running on a pretty similar schedule as my mom with both her pregnancies- so I text her to see when she lost hers. The day before labor with both of us... So I got up and showered and finished the like two things I had left to do. The cat is still sitting immediately next to me occasionally yelling at me and nuzzling me. I'm gonna laugh pretty hard if labor does happen in short order and my cat knew days before I did. :)
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Re: I think my cat knows what's up... Lost Plug (naturally TMI)

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