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yet another pumping question...

OK, I started pumping last week to start storing milk and getting ready to introduce a bottle for baby girl. 

So far i have pumped both breasts once every am, half an hour after a morning feed.  i have been freezing the results. 

My question is, how to I start pumping for the bottle AND storage?  Do I pump once in the am for storage and add one at night to save for the next morning's bottle?  How does this work?

Sorry I am just clueless about this and really want to build a good stash.  





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Re: yet another pumping question...

  • How much are you pumping each time? I recently started pumping for 5 minutes after one of dd's feeds each day and get between 3-4oz from that. She doesn't go to daycare for a while, so I think I'll be all set with a stash pretty quickly. I'm not planning on using the bottle before then though except for when I need to leave her for something (maybe 1-3 feeds per week). So, I think it all depends on how soon you need a stash and how frequently you plan to use the bottle instead.
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  • I have been getting about 5-6 ounces at a time and have been freezing them in 2 to 2.5 ounce portions.  I would like to get started on my DH doing a morning bottle once a day because once I go back to work I will be working evenings and will like to have him do the morning one so I can get some extra sleep.  I want to start soon because I will need to be pumping and DH giving many bottles once I go back to work so I want to build a stash too just in case. 
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  • WHen I was trying to up my supply the LC told me to pump after DS was done eating at each session.
  • I started pumping regularly with DS when he was 2 months old. He was sleeping a long stretch a nigh and so I pumped after he went to bed (he'd go down at 7 and I'd pump at 10 before I went to bed). I banked a ton of milk and had some to freeze and just defrosted a bag if he needed a bottle (when I went out, etc). Before 2 months, it was more sporadic.

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  • The more you pump the better. I have about 60 oz stashed in the freezer and increasing. My older sister had so much milk frozen that after she stopped pumping, her baby had enough milk for another 3 months! Good luck!
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