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8 hours of Phone Calls to BRU!!

So in the last two days I have spent 8 hours on the phone with BRU. My husband has over $800 dollars in fund holds that were not supposed to be there. I seriously talked to 10 people in the last two days, and had to explain to each one the situation over and over again!

On the bright side I got $600 dollars in items for $280 after they gave me 50% off of my orders for the absolute insanity of trying to use my completion discount. 

Re: 8 hours of Phone Calls to BRU!!

  • I hate BRU and will never shop there again. I had a similar experience although it was over 2 bras and not $800 worth of stuff. But I still spent 2+ hours on the phone sent 3 emails, talk to 8 different ppl, and still had to send them back because they got my order wrong 3 different times. Then when I sent a complaint email explaining how incompetent the people were that i dealt with in customer service ( I mean come on 8 ppl 2+ hrs for 2 bras that they never got right)  they replied with how embarrassed they were and how my local BRU was gonna get a talking to about customer service :O do what I was never even in my local BRU. So yeah I am so f***ing through with BRU  ... At least you had a bright side all i have is my bank account still missing the money I paid for the bras. That is pretty awesome though I think I would have taken that headache for the savings lol
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