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Nursery Ideas

I've been trying to come up with some ideas for the baby's room. We are not finding out the sex so we need something "gender-neutral". I was thinking something along the lines of Jungle or Zoo, with lions and monkeys etc, but hubby doesn't like the idea (yet he hasn't come up with any alternatives). Any suggestions?

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Re: Nursery Ideas

  • With DS we were team green and we did a monkey theme room that was green and brown. This time we are still team green but I can't decide. I'm thinking I might do giraffe theme or dr. Suess, I don't kow. I know I have time but nothing sounds good. I told dh if I can't decide I am going to paint the room neutral and buy the bedding after baby is born. The baby will be in our room the first 3 or so months so I'll have time. 
  • Check on Pinterest, that's what I've been doing!
  • We were team green and literally did a green nursery (paint color) and the bedding was a mismatch of stuff but the bedskirt which was the most graphic pattern was John Lennon's animal theme by Pottery Barn (I bought it second-hand).

    There are lots of great modern color combos on pinterest right now though. Teal and gray, yellow and gray, orange and gray... I guess I"m liking the gray:)

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  • The winnie-the-pooh rooms are always adorable! I also like the 'teddy bear' rooms, very cozy and cute, but def no gender (although gender stuff can be added later too with those!). I've also seen some "forest animal" themes (with bears, fox, squirrels, deer, etc), which is very peaceful looking.

  • We did a woodland animal themed room for DD. This LO will likely share a room with her, unless I can convince DH to give up "his" computer room. I'll probably do a circus themed room if I can manage that, but it's unlikely. 
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  • Oh, also, I think on the Bump website, they have a "Nursery ideas" section under "pregnancy" and there are a bunch of picture galleries, including a neutral gender one, and nature one, so you might get some ideas there!
  • Gender neutral themes that I love: Peter Rabbit, Classic Pooh, any of the classic neutral themes from PB Kids are also gorgeous.
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  • What about a music theme? You can have music notes on the walls and play gentle music in the background for when baby is napping.

    I won't have a nursery since we live in a one bedroom apartment, but I *just* thought it would be cool if we had a reading-themed nursery. I could frame a few books on the wall and even have decals of my favorite book quotes.

    But, I won't have one so there's that. 

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  • I was team green last time and decided on an owl theme with oranges and white...this was BEFORE you could find owl stuff everywhere! Now I see owl stuff all over and it make me crazy because i swear i searched high and low for the things for my

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  • We are Team Green and doing Grey, Turquoise, and Oranges, with some spring greens mixed in. If it is a girl after I might add some pink (raspberry color). It looks really cute IMO and isn't your typical green and yellow.

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  • We are also on team green and likely going with owls!  As a PP said, there are some great bedding optiosn in orange, teal, and other great unisex colors...  Once the baby is born, we'll add in some more gender specific colors - like some pink owls or blue.  :)  I LOVE that owls have made a come back - they are so cute.  Pinterst has been perfect for inspriations...
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  • We're not team green but we are already starting to come up with nursery plans. The room will need some minor renovation first (new windows and a bigger closet) so we are starting work on it shortly. I plan to install white bead board to a chair rail height, and paint the walls and ceiling a light grey. If we have a boy it will be accented with dark blue & red (possibly pirate theme). If we have a girl, I will do a  tree mural in white, with 3D colored fabric flowers and butterflies, and some feminine curtains and sheets.  We won't find out the sex until our 24 week appointment so I wanted to be able to get as far on the nursery as possible before then.
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  • We are team green and I had decided to go with the chocolate teddy bear theme from target but changed my mind when I went into BRU and saw the snickerdoodle nursery set. It is totally adorable and light brown and cream and I think will be perfect for baby. Most of my furniture is dark and light brown with some cream so it will even match the house furniture. Not that it matters but I just noticed it did.

  • I like your forest idea!! And am a huge fan of a teddy bear room!!
  • We did kind of a forest theme for my son but it easily could have worked for a girl.

    You should go to Project Nursery.

    They have lots of pictures of really nice nurseries, and you can search for only gender neutral ones. 

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  • We are team green and are likely going with a pond theme (frogs, lily pads).  The bedding I like is green, yellow and brown.  I'll probably do the walls pale yellow.

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  • Man, I'm so jealous of everyone doing a nursery! :-D New baby will have to share a room with my 7 yr-old SD, so I don't think I'll ever get the chance to decorate a nursery! :( I'll have to stick to cute clothes and bedding and toys to get my fix! :-P Have fun with the nurseries ladies, and feel free to post pics!! :-D
  • We aren't team green but I have always wanted a Velveteen Rabbit theme. It turns out Velveteen Rabbit stuff is really hard to find so I'm doing a Velveteen Rabbit/Peter Rabbit theme. The room we are using is already a neutral tan color so it will work with the theme. I think the theme will work for a boy or a girl.
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  • We were team green too.  We painted the room a really nice green and did a multicolored bird theme.  It turned out really nice and wasn't too girly at all for our little guys.  Especially when I threw in some aqua accents after they were born.
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  • I've always liked an ocean theme. Bottom line, pick something that isn't hard to do and your child will grow into as well. I'm thinking of choosing a neutral paint and using wall decals, so later if baby doesn't like it as a toddler, I won't be too upset about changing it.
  • We are team green and planning to do an outdoor theme. Grass painted on the walls that kind of thing and when the baby is born we will add bugs and such for a boy and flowers for a girl.
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  • I like the jungle idea, that would be super cute! We are team Green and are going with a grey and white nursery and then once baby arrives we will either add a hot pink accent for a girl or royal blue for a boy. I also second checking on pinterest, they have some adorable ideas!!

  • image JilllyBean:

    We are Team Green and doing Grey, Turquoise, and Oranges, with some spring greens mixed in. If it is a girl after I might add some pink (raspberry color). It looks really cute IMO and isn't your typical green and yellow.

    I really like this color combo too I'm thinking of doing something similar for our team green nursery too! 

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  • We are not team green but since we want to have another baby soon after our first LO we are still considering mainly neutral ideas. I am a little different and even if it was a girl wouldn't do pink or purple...and my hubby hates green and yellow sooo my idea is light bright blue and bright red with white crib and an antiquey reddish changing table/dresser.. My sister almost died when I told her but I'm not into matchy themed items like jungle or farm animals etc i. Like getting all different pieces an making them work... Just me but I think there's more to gender neutral then greens and tans. We also don't have an overhead light in the nursery so I want to make it bright and cheery.
  • I'm pretty sure we're going to stick pretty neutral, like beige or gray until we find out what we're having and then add color in accents, like curtains and stuff on the walls. But yes, pinterest is a wonderful thing!
  • We are painting the room a light green color and doing a classic Peter Rabbit theme. 
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  • My cousin painted the walls sage green and decorated with primary colors in an "ABC 123" theme. She bought canvases at Michaels and painted letters and numbers. It was super cute!
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  • I love the idea of doing gray and white and once baby is born adding pink or blue accents.
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  • Thanks for the great ideas everyone, hopefully I can get my hubby to agree to something :P

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