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Tdap vaccine - suggesting to grandparents?

So DH and I just got our Tdap vaccine so that we're protected prior to the arrival of our little guy.  Both of our parents are taking a "Joy of Grandparenting" class at the hospital where we are delivering.  I'm hoping that the topic comes up there, but has anyone had this discussion with their parents?  Of course, we aren't going to give a no vaccine = no baby ultimatum.  But how can you tactfully/nicely bring up the subject?  Especially without using the "My doctor says...", not tactful to me.



Re: Tdap vaccine - suggesting to grandparents?

  • I gave the ultimatum per my OB/GYN and DS's pediatrician to all GPs and aunts/uncles - essentially everyone who is going to want to see the baby a lot.  Both doctors said it was not an unreasonable request (for both TDAP and flu shot) and thankfully everyone complied (albeit the grandfathers did so begrudgingly).
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  • I just brought it up to grandparents and aunts.  There are signs all over my OBs office, it's a big deal.  I added that into the conversation, to illustrate the importance.

    One note, 2 years ago my dad's PCP would not give him the TDaP booster because it was not labeled for seniors.  I do not know if they've changed the label, but the CDC has approved it for off-label use because of the pertussis outbreak and grandparents transmitting it to babies.  Be aware that the grandparents-to-be may run into this issue. 

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  • We both were just blunt and open about it. Just told them hey, Can you go to the doc before you come up here and get your whooping cough vaccine cause its very dangerous to baby. For us though, we are both lab techs so anything we say that has to do with medical they listen. If they give you problems about it you can show them articles as to why whooping cough is a dangerous thing to pass to baby. With all the other sicknesses passing around this year, you dont want to risk passing something to your baby.
  • I find it hard to believe that two sets of grandparents willing to take a class would balk at getting a vaccine. I can just imagine the look my mom would have given me if I asked her to take a class! When I was pregnant with my first I did however point out the whopping cough epidemic and the danger to babies. The only people I was firm about getting it were the ones who would have extended contact. That was just my mom and inlaws who were babysitting when I went back to work. Then again I'm the type of person who if I had realized the danger before I was PG I would have gone and gotten the vaccine to protect the children of strangers so it wasn't a big deal to me. I would bet it comes up in the class, too, though.
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  • We just told my parents and sister that with twins and the possibility of preemies,  they needed to get vaccinated. They all understood and have gone in already.  With my inlaws...... I don't know what we are going to do yet because we did tell them, but they are kinda anti-vaccine. Especially my MIL. I am willing to say they can't be around the babies for a few months if they are not vaccinated though.
  • My parents doctor is the one that told them they had to get the vaccine - they actually were told about it before me.  They are both so excited and were happy to get vaccinated.  I don't think there has to be an ultamatium - just say "It is recommended that you get this shot, it would make me feel better if you did" and I am sure they wouldn't think twice about getting it.
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  • One set of grandparents were told by their doctor that they needed to get them both, given that they would be having a new grandbaby soon. With the other side, I brought it up and emailed them a couple of articles from the CDC and asked that, if possible, they get vaccinated. I didn't feel bad being "untactful." Do you know how many babies have already died this year? Not worth the risk. I didn't give them an ultimatum, just made it clear that it would make me feel much, much better, and would prevent putting the baby at risk. They were happy to get them.
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  • We both had whooping cough and so did our 2 month old at the time. After telling both grandma's about how much it sucked they both took it upon themselves to get vaccinated. I'm working on grandpa and step grandma now too.

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  • We brought it up before and didn't push the issue. Once we found out that the baby has a single umbilical artery (instead of the normal two) and has a slight chance of coming earlier than normal we used that to encourage our families who all went out and got it right away. Manipulative? Kind of but oh well. We have a huge outbreak here in MN and protecting my baby means more to me than not offending my parents. 
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  • I asked my parents, the in laws that would be in town for the birth, nieces, and siblings/their significant others to get vaccinated with tDap. I was nervous about one of my sisters getting it but once I sent the e mail out explaining the risks to baby, no one said a word, everyone got the shot. I did give the ultimatum that if they weren't vaccinated I wouldn't have a choice but to keep my baby away until he was vaccinated. You do what you have to as a parent. Bottom line, pertussis can be deadly. That is usually enough to wake people up.
  • image outtamyhands:
    I gave the ultimatum per my OB/GYN and DS's pediatrician to all GPs and aunts/uncles - essentially everyone who is going to want to see the baby a lot.  Both doctors said it was not an unreasonable request (for both TDAP and flu shot) and thankfully everyone complied (albeit the grandfathers did so begrudgingly).

    THIS.  I just told my parents and his (plus my siblings and his) that we are really excited that they are going to be a big part in the baby's life but that we really wanted to be cautious and have everyone get the TDAP and flu shot as soon as possible.  I didn't mind telling them that I am nervous and I want to be as preventative as possible.  It doesn't help that 3 out of the four of our parents are teachers so they are exposed to EVERYTHING.  And, they are going to be caregiver's part time when I go back to work.  I am sure they will understand if you voice your concerns.  :)

  • I would go with... So have you guys gotten a TDAP booster at all lately? I know a lot of GPs are suggesting it for grandparents or people who are around kids a lot... 75% of the time whooping cough is passed from adults to children because adults can be carriers... etc. etc. etc.

    Rather than asking them to do it - ask if they already have.. then they might make the decision to do it on their own!

    Classic sales tactic - ask if they have something you know they dont have but probably need - help them to see the need - provide a solution to the problem and make them think it was their own idea!

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  • I asked my mom if she'd had one recently and she has, due to being on dialysis and the hazards it presents to her.  I am assuming based on that information that my aunt and cousin who assist her with her home dialysis are similarly vaccinated.(one's a nurse and they both do ambulance runs).

    My dad, bro & sil, and other family members won't be around too often, so I'm not sure about asking them -- on the other hand, I do need to get dh and my kids to get one sooner rather than later.

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  • I asked my parents and they never did it.
  • When DD1 was born, we asked Grandparents and my brother to get the tdap and flu vaccines before she was born (she was born at the beginning of flu season).  None of them thought it was unusual at all.  They all got the shots no questions asked.

  • I sent an email around to aunts, uncles, and future grandparents asking them to get the vaccine, especially since pretty much everyone in my family works at a school and there has been a whooping cough outbreak recently.  Then, every time I come across an article about how bad the flu is this year, or how whooping cough can be deadly to infants, I not so subtly forward it to everyone on that email chain.  I think my mom thinks I'm slightly crazy, but has taken a "the mother is always right about her baby approach," and didn't resist.
  •  The CDC is a great resource.  They even have ecards.  Check out their pertussis page.
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