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Miserable after OB Appointment

I saw a different OB than my regular one this week and I REALLY do not like her! Been dealing with high BP for the last several weeks, last week had some really high readings and LO's heart rate jumped up to 180 last Monday.  Tuesday LO's heart rate dropped back down to 154 (acceptable level, even though higher than it has been all along).  OB told me to monitor my BP at home all week.

All week long my readings have been high 140s/high80s, except for one freak reading that was 127/78.  Naturally today I WOULD have another random low reading!

Good, right? Well, I've been consistently contracting anywhere from 2-5 times an hour, every hour, for the last 3 days! I haven't slept through the night in three nights!

Then new OB tells me there's protein in my urine, but it's "nothing" because it's just a UTI.  I have no symptoms of a UTI.  I haven't had any symptoms of a UTI. But because this OB decided for whatever reason that I have a UTI, she blamed the contrax on that and didn't do anything else.  Basically it was 25 minutes of waiting for her to show up, and 5 minutes of her coming in and saying "You have a UTI, See YA!" 

I'm tired, I'm uncomfortable, I'm miserable, my hips are KILLING me and LO is pressing down so hard on my cervix I feel like s/he is going to fall out. I'm tired of being fat and ugly and pregnant! I just want this baby to get here already...Crying

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Re: Miserable after OB Appointment

  • Im right along side you on being over feeling fat and ugly, but the end is in sight! As for dealing with the OB you didnt like i sure hope she isnt on call when you go into labor! I had to see a different OB than the one i normally see and I completely disliked her. If shes on-call when Im in labor I will ask for a family practicioner if one is available.



  • Did they do any bloodwork? It's the best way to detect preeclampsia ? Have u had any othe symptoms of pre c?
  • If you've got high BP and protein in your urine, it sounds pretty irresponsible of her not to run bloodwork or anything else to check for pre-e. Have you called to get a second opinion from the OB you usually see?

    Symptomless UTIs aren't uncommon during pregnancy, and they can cause contractions, but combined with the high BP I would want her to pursue the pre-e possibility, as well!

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  • I had a UTI and it hurt my hips and caused contractions for a couple days til antibiotics kicked in. If you do in fact have one. GL been there

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