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Soon, we'll look like the January board...

With nothing but posts about outside babies! OMG! That's both exciting and nerve-wracking! :)

Who else still has quite a hefty list of "things I need to do"?! 

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Re: Soon, we'll look like the January board...

  • Thanks to my sister coming and helping me this weekend I got tons done. I just have some laundry to put up and a few things to hang in the nursery.
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  • I feel like I need to still do tons of things, but not sure what all to do.  
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  • Thanks to some contractions coming every 10 minutes on Saturday night I got everything done yesterday!  Nothing like a labor scare to kick you into gear!
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  • I do I do! Ok maybe not a hefty list, but still a list.

    Haven't installed the car seat base in either car yet. I've washed everything, but haven't put the crib sheet on the crib yet.  I need to clean the stairs and walls of the guest bedroom, as my Mom is coming to stay with us for a while once this little one comes along, and the room smells very much like an attic from 1957. It's a nice enough space for her, comfy bed, new pillows, nice rug, dresser, etc. but I just hate the smell. Need to clean the walls before she comes to stay! Other than that, I think we're ok. Or at least we're as prepared as we're likely to be.


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  • I still need to finish packing my hospial bag and then cleaning out my car and installing the car seat. I don't think that's too shabby...

    Gah, I can't believe how close we are to meeting our LO!  :)





  • Holy cow, its just crazy isnt it! It seems like everyone has already had their LO's though!

     I keep getting things crossed off my to-do list just to add more. Its a never ending battle for me. I also get half way through something that I swear is just SOOO important that HAS to be done, just to take a break in the middle of it and not finish it Tongue Tied




  • I haven't done much at all and honestly I'm not worried about it.  I will pack most of my hospital bag once I go into labor as I wear my yoga pants most nights during the week.  I have a list made so that's the important part.  I am just doing a lot of laundry to make sure everything is ready to go.  We painted the nursery but don't have any furniture yet.  He will stay in the PNP in our room the first few weeks/month so I'm not stressed over it.  We have an 18 month old so really we have all the essentials already.  Just this weekend I picked out a coming home outfit from a friends hand me downs and washed it.  I don't know why but this time around I am way more laid back.
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  • I had a late shower this weekend and still have bottles to sterilize and clothes to wash. Now I'm faced with putting together a bassinet as well. Other than those, I have my bags packed and ready to go!!
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  • image jessicalgilmore:
    Thanks to some contractions coming every 10 minutes on Saturday night I got everything done yesterday!  Nothing like a labor scare to kick you into gear!

    Haha! No joke!!! Good job on getting everything done, though ;) 

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  • I have a moderate amount of things left to do. Mainly organizing more of the house and setting up the PnP in the living room where LO will be spending much of its time when I am up and about for the day.
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