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Coming home outfit ideas please!!

What is everyone doing for a coming home outfit? I have looked at a few different stores and have not found anything yet. Are you planning a cute outfit for you as well? I don't know if I will feel like getting "ready", but I am also thinking about hubby taking pics of me and baby on way home.

Re: Coming home outfit ideas please!!

  • I can gaurantee you I will leave the hospital wearing yoga pants, my ugg boots, and some sort of sweatshirt.  I'll half way do my hair and makeup but it won't be anything special.  I packed two outfits for DS, one a Carter's NB size and one a Carter's 3month size.

    The NB outfit is a long sleeved navy blue onesie with matching pants with polar bear on his butt, I packed some socks and a hat to match it.  The 3 month outfit is a light blue and white striped long sleeved shirt with elephant on it, along with matching pants, and I also packed a white onesie to go underneath, matching socks and hat.  I also packed two of our own blankets but it's never that sanitary to bring a lot of personal things to the hospital (trust me I know, I work in one) so I will probably limit those to the day we leave by just covering DS in the carseat with them.

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  • Gah!

    Okay, last time, I wore my favorite maternity pants (low belly panel, not full) with a tank-top and a cardi-wrap. That actually ended up being my favorite outfit throughout pregnancy and coming home. Versatile, the cardi-wrap made nursing with my post-partum belly comfortable for me (lift the tank top, wrap the cardi-wrap material over my belly). Plus, it looked put together and casual all at once.

    Unfortunately, I lost the cardi-wrap a few weeks ago and got paint all over my favorite maternity pants. So I'm on the hunt for something comfortable to wear too. 

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  • I wouldn't put too much thought/effort into finding an outfit. My first baby wore his cute outfit for about 10 min before having a major poop/meconium blow-out all over his outfit/brand new carseat (welcome to Mommyhood, right?).

    I plan to bring 2 newborn sized fuzzy sleepers for baby, plus a size 0-3 mo fuzzy sleeper in case she is born huge :) Also, a couple long sleeved t-shirts with the little mittens to go underneath.

    For myself, I will bring my biggest, loosest yoga pants and a comfy maternity shirt. You will feel like absolute crap and will be very sleep-deprived. No need to add the stress of trying to looking perfect, in my opinion....

  • I got a sweet little blue gown. DS1 actually wore the same gown but since his was preemie size, I got the same one in newborn. My plan was to have all our boys wear the same gown and there's a matching one if or when we have a girl.

    I also have a matching blue blanket that now has DS1's name and birthday monogrammed on it in the corner. After DS2 is born, I'll get his information monogrammed as well.


  • We received a ton of second-hand baby clothes that are in excellent condition from a colleague of mine. There is probably enough clothing to dress this LO until he's almost 3. The majority of the clothing is suited for a boy but there are a few gender neutral newborn sleepers in the mix as well. We'll be taking one of those with us to the hospital.

    However, I also wanted to have a brand new take-home outfit because, well, this baby is NEW! I purchased three 0-3 month zipped sleepers with coordinating hats and mittens. We'll be taking at least one of those with us as well so that we have something that will fit LO no matter what size he is when he's born.

    I was really tempted to purchase a cute little gender neutral newborn sleeper I found as well (just because I wanted something new to bring him home in)...but I decided not to because we do have other clothing that will work just fine if LO is on the smaller side. I also wanted to get something gender neutral in case LO turns out to be a girl and not a boy (because ultrasounds CAN be wrong! lol)...but I think the ones we already have will be fine.

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  • Most women I see look like a hot mess leaving the hospital (myself included), but maybe you'll feel up to getting dressed cutely.

     For LO2, I bought a handknit sweather, made a hat and boots for her to wear.  (DS was a summer baby, and it was hot so we didn't really do anything special for him...)

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  • Just don't overthink it! I was happy to be showered and my hair semi decent when I left the hospital w/ DS. This time I might strive for a little makeup, but you need to be comfortable!! Trust me on this one!
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  • Oh, and as for DD coming home from the hospital, I struggled a little bit because March is so unpredictable for weather in Michigan. I settled on a cute long sleeve onesie, floral leggings, with matching socks. Also a cute little infant pink hairbow.
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  • I don't have any idea what I wore home with DD1! I'm thinking yoga pants, nursing tank, and a sweatshirt since I pretty much lived in that combo of clothes for the first 2 weeks :) This time I might pack my favorite maternity jeans to wear with a nursing top, I was very anti-maternity clothes after baby last time but realize now that it was silly and I'd look more put together & still be comfortable in those rather than sweats for 2 weeks straight.

    For DD1 we brought her home on Halloween and I had a "My First Halloween" onesie & orange pants for her to wear, so that just worked out by chance! This time, I'm going to shop for a "My First Easter" onesie & pants since I'm due the Thursday before & it just might work out again, but I'll also pack the terry "Little Sister" footy pj's that I couldn't resist buying at Target the other day.

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  • Yoga pants, a nursing tank and a cardigan.  A cute sleeper for the baby.  There's so much going on, keep it simple.
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