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Maternity Pics!!

We just did ours today had so much fun! Would love to see everyones pics if they already did them. Figured this post can be for everyone to post a pic or two! :)

Re: Maternity Pics!!

  • Yes, let's see! I have to admit, I'm pretty bummed because we didn't do professional maternity photos. This pregnancy was a HUGE surprise 4 months before our wedding, so between paying for a wedding and then turning right around and buying all the baby gear plus trying to save for me to have a decent maternity leave, maternity photos just weren't in the budget. I'm just now realizing that I don't really have any pregnancy photos- which is a bummer, because I'm surprised to say I turned into a decent looking preggo! I thought for sure I'd balloon out, because I've never had a problem gaining weight, but I managed to come through this with just one extra chin ;)
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  • Dh is taking some of me this week. I just looked up shots on pinterest I liked and we are going to try and get some like the ones I pinned. Dh knows how to work photoshop and is a artist with a great eye so we lucked out. Pinterest has a ton of cute poses.
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  • I took some 2 weeks ago but have not gotten the proofs yet from my photographer.Hope to get them this week.
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