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The crawling process

Hi all!! Just curious what the crawling process is like? My LO is just starting to get up on his knees and rocking. This only lasts for a few seconds and then gets super frustrated and cries till I pick him up.  I'm wondering if he will crawl soon or is this just the start? i know all babies are different but I'm just wondering what your experiences have been? 

Re: The crawling process

  • We were about a month from rocking to cross crawling, although after about two weeks DS could move forward in a worm manoeuvre.
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  • We've thought my LO was 'about to crawl' for about a month now. She still doesn't crawl. She pushes herself up into downward dog and moves in strange ways, but no crawling yet.
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  • My son crawled today for the very first time!! He's been up on his hands and knees rocking for over a month now, and only started to move one knee forward about two weeks ago. But then he would always fall flat. So today it came out of nowhere! I was beginning to worry but it seems it's just one of those things they all of a sudden pick up. 

    It's pretty amazing to watch once they start..... made me cry! =) 

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  • It was about a month and a half.  It was fascinating to watch her problem solve and figure it out! In her case, there were so many little stages in-between. Enjoy it!


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  • He was a really late roller, so I thought it would be much later, but I think once he got being mobile down, he went for it all. He would get from sitting position to his belly first, then came the rolling all over, then a little bouncing, and then he learned to crawl very quickly.
  • My LO will lift her butt and kind of get on her knees but she has her head on the ground and arms spread wide so still needs to figure out the front. She some how manages to move in a circle this way though. It's cute, I love seeing the process.
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  • DS is working on this as well.  For about a week he would get up on his knees or toes but with his head on the ground, and he only did this in his crib at first.  This past Tuesday he was able to do this without using his head. 2 days later he was able to sort of lunge forward one or two times, 2 more days later he was able to do that repeatedly about 5-6 times..... He just looks like a little worm right now!
    He's still rocking and getting on all fours for a few seconds and then he'll lunge forward to get what he wants.

    I have no idea how long it will take for him to actually crawl though, but like everyone else said, it's soooo much fun watching it all happen!!


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  • I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago.  LO got up on his knees rocking and less than 2 weeks later he is crawling.   It's a funny crawl but he can't get all the way across a room, so adorable.  He also learned how to sit up from stomach position in the past 2 weeks too.  It happened all at once with him.  Guess it depends on your LO.
  • My son went from rocking on his hands and knees to crawling in less than a week.  There was one day where he would kind of rock and fall forward and then fall on his tummy, and then rock and fall forward again to get where he wanted to go.
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  • Thanks ladies!! It's so nice to get advice from all of you!!! :) :) :) :)
  • image khill86:
    We were about a month from rocking to cross crawling, although after about two weeks DS could move forward in a worm manoeuvre.


    This was exactly the same for my DD. 

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