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Baby Cora pic and birth story!

Hello ladies! I just got my first hour of shut-eye in over 36 hours and DH is running out for food so I thought I would update.

Here are the bullet points! It started pretty slow but got pretty funny at the end!

Saturday- no signs of labor except random BH until about 4 o clock. Then 10 min apart, slowly growing stronger. By 6 o clock they were 5 min apart and starting to hurt so we rushed through DDs bedtime routine, called my mom to come over, and frantically cleaned/added to our bags. (belated nesting!)

8:30- arrived at L&D, checked at 4cm, told to walk for an hour or two before getting rechecked. 

10:00- told I looked "Too happy to be in real labor" walking around but was at a 6 so we get truly checked in! We're having a baby!

Labored in jacuzzi tub until 2:30, thinking I might go med free.

2:30. No change. Looks like I'm one of those people who gets tense and slows myself dow. I feel no need to try and go med free if it's just slowing me down and I know the epi sped things up last time so we call for the anesthesiologist.

3:30 Epidural done, checked again- around a 7-8. Go ahead and broke water.

4:30ish Fully dilated but really numb so we settle in to let the epi wear off a bit.

5:00ish Nurse tells me to try one "practice push" then yells, "Stop! She's right there!" Frantic scramble to get baby nurses to come in and OB to run down the hall while everyone yells at me to NOT push. I didn't but felt a little dumb sitting there feeling a baby head about to pop out while everyone gloves up. No pian b/c of the epi but I swear I could feel her little nose poking out. At one point I glared at DH and told him to make sure the baby didn't fall out on the floor. OB gets in place and I ask if I should push. His response: "you don't need to." And there she was! She literally just slid out into his hands!

1st degree tear, got a few stitches, kiddo latched right away and boy does she like to suck on things. DD1 adores her and thinks she's the cutest thing ever but got hysterical when she had to leave us for the night and both DH and I were in tears. Gah! I want to go home tomorrow but probably can't.

Here she is!


5lb, 13 oz, 18 inches long. Cora

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