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soft spot

sometimes my little guy's soft spot will be so firm it hardly feels like he has it, then other times it feels so low. i know everywhere says it can be a sign of dehydration but he pees SOO much and still eats his usual 2-3 it just a normal baby thing? he was also 3 weeks premature, i don't know if that has anything to do with it either

Re: soft spot

  • I don't know how old he is, but a girl on my BMB had to have her little girl's soft spot checked out because they either thought it was closing too fast or not fast enough...I can't remember which one. The pediatrician should check his head every time he has a well visit, so I'd just ask then. If he's peeing a normal amount and drinking his normal amount, I wouldn't worry about dehydration.
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  • I was just in the hospital with my little guy and he had a bulging Fontanelle (soft spot). It's normal for it to be a sunken in as long as he's wetting diapers. It gets worrisome when it's bulging. I would say it's nothing to worry about!!

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