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When did you start taking your LO to the dentist? I've always paid good attention to DS oral hygiene, even before he had teeth. He'll turn 3 this month and his teeth look really good and he's good about brushing. At his 2 year visit, I asked his pedi about taking him to the dentist and she said not yet that he was too young. I'm thinking of taking him next month. He hasn't had his 3 year visit yet for me to ask. Just trying to figure out the average age. TIA.
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Re: 1st dentist trip

  • Our pedi said when all the teeth came in. So she was about 2 I think. She's been 2 or 3 times since. She loves it lol.

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  • We go to a pediatric dentist and they suggest real early like 12 months.   DD went for the first time at 3 (to a reg dentist, switched dentist due to insurance to a pediatric dentist).  The Pedi dentist wanted to see DS1 too.  He  went at her second trip and he was 18 months. DS2 was about the same age, maybe a little earlier.   In the early appointments, they brush their teeth and take a good look, then note any problem areas.   They don't start doing xrays until they are 6 unless they see a problem which ended up being a bad thing for us. DS1 had no problems until his last appointment in December, where they saw something and after taking a picture (xray) they saw a lot more : (  We do regular brushing too.  
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  • We took our oldest DD to the dentist for the first time when she was 3. She went for the second time a month ago and we took the babies along, they are 18 months old. The dentist checked the babies' teeth and did a topical fluoride treatment for free. He offers that for younger siblings until they turn 3.
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  • The AAP recommends taking your child to the dentist by 12 months or when they get their first tooth, whatever is sooner. With that said, we didn't start taking DD1 until she was 18 months and would open her mouth for me to brush her teeth without a fight. We have an excellent pediatric dentist and DD1 has gone every 6 months since. At her 3 year well visit, her pedi also recommended that she start seeing a dentist if she wasn't already.

    DD2 will be 18 months in a few days and I don't feel like she's ready yet. I plan to wait a few months and reassess.
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  • Mine has been going since he turned 2. He goes to a pediatric dentist who is amazing.
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  • I started taking DD at 14 months, like a PP said, the AAP recommends 12 months, and I agree with that, but the dentist I really wanted to my DD to see booked up a lot faster because she shortened her hours, so I had to wait it out, otherwise we would have gone right at 12 months. That being said, she has gone several times - and while DD acts like she doesn't want to go and doesn't want to be there, we play dentist at least 10 times a day! It's easy when they are young - some counting, and brushing. DD gets some build-up so they do have to do a little scrapping, but its quick, and a fluoride treatment and out the door. Most offices start xrays at 5-6 or when their back molars are touching/close together, unless there's a problem that they see sooner. Every general dentist and pediatrician recommends something different, however if there is a pediatric dentist in your area, I would highly suggest taking your DS to them. I worked at a pediatric dental office for 7 years, I've heard stories/seen things that I'll never forget, so I'm a big supporter of going early!
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  • Thank you all. I'm feeling much better about my decision to go ahead and take him next month. I'm wishing I would'be taken him last year, but...I feel like we're still on track. Glad to know what other Mommas are doin.
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  • DS was 3.5. He would have flipped out at any earlier age. By 3.5, he had enough reasoning skills thay we could explain everything that was going to happen and why they were doing it.

    DD is going at 2.5 because her teeth are really close together. Some even overlap. I don't expect the appointment to go well.
  • 1st visit 2.5 yo.

    1st time DD allowed them to do a thorough cleaning with x-rays 3.5 yo

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  • Our pedi dentist would say at the pop of the first tooth.  My FIL the dentist says that is not necessary.  We started DS at three and it worked out just fine.

  • DS went at 8 months. And then every six month after.
  • she just went at  4. my friend took her daughter at 3 and it was a disaster. Some kids do great. I just didnt see a huge reason to go before.
  • My oldest went at 12 months but due to his cleft, my 2 younger boys went at 18 months and are all seen every 6 months.
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  • We started taking our son to a pediatric dentist at 2.5 years old. My parents unfortunately did not introduce us to good oral hygeine when I was younger and only took us to the dentist when we were in pain (great, right?). Anyway, I wanted to give my son the best start possible and will take him every 6 months. The dentist looks at all of his teeth and checks out his gums, he also puts a fluoride solution on his teeth. He told us last time we needed to floss between two of his front teeth that now touch. He actually really likes going, and likes to hear the dentist say he's doing a great job at brushing his teeth.

  • My oldest's first trip to the dentist was at 18 mo. We probably would not have gone that early, but he had fallen and chipped his 2 front teeth.  None of the family dentists in our area would see him until the age of 3, so we had to drive 2 hours away to the nearest pediatric dentist.  The ped. dentist was great, though, we still go there now.  His chipped teeth had to be capped and they had a whole library of kids videos there he got to choose from while they worked on his teeth.  He hardly noticed what was going on since he was watching Thomas the whole time!  Now at his regular follow up visits they brush his teeth and paint a quick layer of flouride on them.  He gets to wear cool sunglasses during his visit and when he's done they give him a token to get a little prize out of their gumball machine.
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  • DS was 2.5 at his first visit. He balled his eyes out, it was rough. Even though we had talked it up for weeks. He just went again this fall at 3 and it was much more successful. We also changed dentist so that could have helped also!! GL
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  • DD went at 16 months.  DS will probably be about the same.  We go to a pediatric dentist.
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  • I've read that you can take them to a pediatric dentist when their first tooth comes in. I took DD when she was 2.5 and they just looked over her teeth and put some fluoride on- they won't clean them until they are 3. So when we went back at 3 they did a normal cleaning, took x-rays, the whole shebang. My dentist said 4 or 5, but I didn't want to wait that long which is why I sought out a pediatric dentist.
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