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DH is a sleeping jerk

His family was here til 11 pm checking out the baby. Now I am sitting here with a baby who will not latch to my right side but will not fall asleep, an aching c section scar and a sore right boob. He is laying right next to me snoring away. Anyone else awake and grumpy?

Re: DH is a sleeping jerk

  • oh i feel your pain...my dh actually woke up the other night and rolled over n goes "hun the babys awake" n went right back to snoring..i wanted to beat him..lol then he doesnt realize y im so exhausted all the time he'll say "but u went to bed at the same time as i did" and im like yeah but were u up like 10 times with a baby wanting to nurse in the middle of the night? i think not...uugghhh...MEN! :)
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  • I hear you. My DH sleeps in the basement just about every other night because he is a light sleeper. Then when he does sleep in our bed he complains about being tired.
    I get mad. Every other night you get a full nights sleep. Even when you do sleep in our bed you dont deal with DD. How dare you complain about being tired!

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  • I'm awake but feel pretty good. Saturday mornings my DH spends all morning alone taking care of DS and I usually sleep. Well I decided to shop instead...big mistake and by 7pm with a fussy baby all day I deeply regretted it. After eating dinner he forced me into the bedroom and tucked me in and ordered me not to get up before 1am. Well I woke up at 2:00am, in a panic.

    Him and DS were chilling watching old Chuck Norris movies. So I gave DS a bottle, swaddled him and down he went. Now I'm getting ready to go back to bed even though I feel so good that I got 6 hours of uninterrupted worry-free sleep!

    I hope your LO sleeps good for you and you can get some rest.  

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  • Aw I feel your pain. DH was like that with DD. He was bragging to people at 4 days old about how she was STTN...yeah not so much. Thankfully he's changed and now wakes up pretty easily.
    I think it just takes men longer for the "must help child" wake up cues to start. I'm sure your DH will get better. Mine is currently in with DD who woke up when he changed DS while I'm nursing. He's much more involved at night this time
  • My DH is really good about helping with the baby at night but his snoring kills me. He snores, the baby snores, and I am just laying there in between them (baby on my side in RNP) wide awake.
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  • DH and I are taking a divide and concour parenting approach right now, which I hate, but I'm thinking we need to trade kids for awhile and I'll STTN.
  • Lol. I hear ya. For the 3 months the girls were in the NICU, DH got a great night of sleep -- EVERY NIGHT. I was getting stretches of 2 hours at time because of the insanely aggressive pumping schedule I was on -- those first few weeks, I was COMPLETELY wiped. 

    Any time DH told me he was tired, my response always was....Nope. You're not tired.

    Then he usually felt guilty. Lol. ;) 

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  • DH woke up before me this morning and started blasting the heat so both Eloise & I woke up really hot & grumpy.
  • DH had one too many beers last night and didn't wake up to diaper change for any of our overnight feedings (usually he's pretty good about being the diaper man). Needless to say, if anyone is pounding down a beer or two for the Super Bowl tonight, it will be me. 

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  • Yep- This morning after his 5:30 feeding DS wouldn't go back to sleep and kept crying.... He sleeps in our room so DH definitely heard him and had woken up when I changed the diaper. He just laid there facing the wall pretending to sleep while I was trying to soothe the baby. Eventually I just got up and took DS out to the living room, got him calmed down and then started cleaning the house. (which is what I do when I'm mad at DH) Tonight it will be ALL him. lol He just doesn't know it yet. 
  • DH never wakes up with me when the baby is up. So frustrating.

  • Wow I feel super lucky! DH takes the night shift and doesn't wake me unless he has to! Last night I told him to get me up to pump (having BF issues so pumping and bottle feeding) and he said no! But I need to work on my supply and am feeling really rested so going to set my own alarm and make myself pump tonight even if he doesn't want to wake me. It works well for us though because he's more a night person and I'm more a day person. I'm just lonely today because he's sleeping and I'm determined to not call mom so I KNOW we can get through a day without outside help.
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