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Holy pelvic girdle pain!

For the past week I have felt like someone kicked me in the crotch and bruised my pelvic bone.  As luck goes apparently there is some sort of thing where the front joint in your pelvic girdle becomes extremely sore during pregnancy.  I have all the symptoms.  Whenever I get out of car, separate my knees , or take stairs/ stand up I get this shooting pain in my crotch.  Not cool. Will tell my dr about it this week as I guess you can work with a specialist to have them realign you.  
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Re: Holy pelvic girdle pain!

  • I can relate. It is the WORST!!!!! I feel like I have been kicked in the crotch, only it doesn't go away. It gets worse if I lay on my side. If you find anything that relieves it, pleaseeeee let me know! 

  • It really is awful! Mine comes and goes, thankfully, but there are times where I just want to lay down and not move because it hurts so bad.
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  • If you google SPD there are some tips.  Like don't sit with your legs crossed, try not to separate your legs if you get out of the car or go from laying to standing, bring your knees together and close to your chest before moving.   Will keep you posted if my dr says anything.  Good luck. Never heard of this before and it seems to be getting worse. 
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  • So happy I'm not the only one!  I have been having having the same crotch soreness and I feel like my tailbone is disconnecting.  It's hard to walk and climb stairs too.  Definitely mentioning it to my dr on Monday.
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  • I had the same problem.  I suffered through it for a month and a half.  It started to really interfer with my life because I was unable to sleep from the pain.  I talked with my OB.  She recommended a chiropractor.  I was HIGHLY skeptical.  However, I went.  She did a simple realignment of my pubic symphysis.  Painless and no stress on the baby.  I have experienced almost no pain since.  I am a much happier person because I can actually sleep now!  
  • So glad someone posted about this! I have had this since early on in the pregnancy...midwife says it is likely from the two pregnancies being so close together. To add to it, I have a bit of a back/bum/pinched nerve ache! GAHH!  


  • This is also my second pregnancy.  My little guy is 19 months old.  I was informed that the weight of my little guy on my hip from carrying him most likely caused the misalignment of my public symphysis (due to release of the relaxin). 

  • I saw a lady posted about this and others commented calling it lightening crotch. One more exciting symptom of the end of the second and the last trimester. I haven't experienced it yet though.
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  • So sorry you have this too!  I've had this pain since 20 weeks or so, pretty constantly.  Definitely not the same thing as lightning crotch, which is more like shooting vaginal pains that hit at random times.  This is more of a constant ache whenever I engage any muscles near that region, especially walking or separating one leg from the other when rolling over in bed.  It is so annoying!
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  • I just saw my midwife yesterday and asked her about this. She said it can be common at this point in the pregnancy, especially if baby is sitting low (which he is). I wish she had recommeded a chiropractor. I wonder if health insurance will cover that, because I am definitely going to look into it! Thanks for the tip! Sorry you all are feeling this too. It's so annoying because now I waddle AND wince while working, and I have to be on my feet a bunch for work!
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  • I second PP's comment on seeing a chiropractor. They can't fix everything, but they can help with a lot!
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  • image Rainbow2013:
    I saw a lady posted about this and others commented calling it lightening crotch. One more exciting symptom of the end of the second and the last trimester. I haven't experienced it yet though.


    At least for me, this is quite a bit different than lightning crotch. Lightning crotch is a sharp, shooting pain that doesn't typically last very long. This is pelvic pain that can stick around a while. I'd take lightning crotch over SPD any day!

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  • Soo glad to read I am not the only one. I never felt this with my other 3 and when I explained it to my midwife she said its very common. I told her its the worst when I try to roll from one side to another or as someone stated getting out of the car. I referenced it as similar pain to have rode a bicycle for hours on on end and having that ache for months after. She said to try to sit up before changing sides and yes legs together when getting out of a car. It has helped but some nights baby boy is sitting so low its just not worth even moving.

    And totally different from lightening crotch. That comes and goes this doesnt. 

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  • Try filling a tube sock with rice and heating it in the microwave for 2 minutes then placing it between your legs.  It looks goofy but has really helped quiet down the pain and soreness.  I swear my rice sock has become my new BFF.

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