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hows everyone doing?!

I had my 37 week appt. the other day and had my GBS test(havent received a call so I'm going to assume i'm in the clear)and while the doc was down there he checked to see how baby was coming along.she's really low and i'm almost 3 cm. dilated!I know people can go weeks a few cm dilated but he encouraged me to start paying more attention to my contractions and timing them and that he would not be surprised if she comes in the next couple of weeks!my sister and mom went late or just on time with their kids so I was not expecting to hear that from my doctor! He also brought up that most(not all) of the redheads that he delivered their babies, they came a little early and quickly!something to do with a thinner membrane? as long as she's healthy i would LOVE to see my LO soon!and to have a quick labor would be nice,my sister's were all under 8 hr labors(even when she was induced) so i'm crossing my fingers...

Anyway,hows everyone else doing?!nesting kicking in?anyone else dilated?are you nervous/excited/terrified?!or all of the above?! 


Re: hows everyone doing?!

  • No nesting yet but the urge is starting to hit me. I been noticing everything in this house and it irritates me..I'm excited I have about a week left until my due date, but I'm nervous because I'm only 1 centimeter dilated..I'm hoping the ball starts rolling for me, I have an appt. on Tuesday. And I'm praying that I progressed.
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  • I'm getting really anxious. I really want to meet my baby now!! I know the longer he's in there the better but I can't wait to have him in my arms. This pregnancy has seemed like it's lasted for.ev.er. And I'm not sure how many more texts/emails/phone calls I can take of people asking if he's here yet! lol. 
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  • Unfortunately my nesting has hit in full force... and I'm on bedrest. I've been making a 510 minute trek into my kitchen or laundry room on my way to the bathroom tho. Really, I can rinse a few plates while I refill my water glass can't I? But I'm just trying to accept the fact that this house is going to be a disaster until LO appears.
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  • I'm a week behind you and it doesn't seem like baby is going anywhere.

    I had my 36w appointment yesterday. My midwives said baby was head down as usual, (I think my baby has basically decided upside down is where its at - to which I am not complaining) but not engaged. "Still floating around in there" as they put it.

    I'm getting more BH, which is kind of reassuring I guess. I had 10 yesterday throughout the day which is a lot for me. I usually have one to three before bed and that's it.

    Mostly I am bored. I still have two days of work left and a weekend full of baby showers but that is all happening 2/7-2/12 with my 37 week appointment thrown into that mix. The rest of the time I have little to do; my regular chores and a lot of sitting around wishing there was a comfortable position to do so in.

    I know I won't be bored when baby comes so, though I can and want to wait, I'm super excited for LO to get here. I just don't have the energy to do the things I enjoy doing in my free time so it is hard to enjoy the free time while I still have it.

    Here's to making the most of the waiting game!

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  • I am emotional and lethargic. I need to snap out of it and get this place spotless! Like, right now!

    My cervix is still posterior and "barely thinned." No progress there, and that's A-OK with me, considering the above statement ;) 

    I am nervous/excited/terrified. Yep. lol 

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  • I've been feeling the nesting urge the last couple of days but unfortunately I have been running myself ragged doing stuff for other people that by the time I get home I'm exhausted. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow since I have the day to myself and don't have any obligations to help out others!! AND I haven't seen any progression with LO coming out. I was told at my growth scan on Fri that I am sooo low she will probably be here VERY soon.
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  • Still very pregnant (37w,2d). Not expecting baby anytime soon.  I've dropped (a bit), but otherwise no signs that the end is in sight.  We emailed family last night to let them know about our registry (we didn't have a shower, there will be a 'meet the baby' party after because we're team green) and to spread the word through family friends. I'm in no rush and this LO can wait another 3 weeks.....

     Otherwise, DH and I are a bit nervous -- we've never done this, but at the same time we're excited to be parents.  Even though nervous, I think we're going to be great parents!  

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