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4th degree tearing...(sorry TMI)

Hey ladies,  I'm looking for some encouragement for those with a similar experience.  I had our 10lb 1oz son on Sunday night.  I delivered vaginally and suffered 4th degree tearing.  I've had a bowel movement everyday, which hasn't been awesome but it is was it is.  Here is where I have questions/concerns. 

1. How were you ale to keep the area clean when wiping is out.  I use a peri bottle, sitz bath and shower after a bowel movement, but I just don't feel clean enough as sometimes I find some "leftover" when I go to the bathroom e next time.  I am desperate to avoid infection!

2. How long did it take you to heal?  It is so uncomfortable to sit on anything but a boppy lounger, going to the bathroom is brutal and I'm walking like I have saddle sores!  And heaven forbid I cough or sneeze!


Thanks for the help! 

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Re: 4th degree tearing...(sorry TMI)

  • 10lb baby!  dear lord I feel for you....

    For #1, my suggestion when you have a bm is to wipe from behind (ie your arm goes around your side and wipe from your back...if that makes sense...) also don't so much "wipe" as you'll pat.  and I suggest witch hazel pads instead of dry paper.  you'll probably do this for at least a week if not two.

    #2...don't know how long a 4th degree tear takes to heal!  with DD I had an episiotomy, and it took probably 3 weeks to heal...with DS I didn't tear at all, and felt back to my normal self within a week, really 4 days, but that's not common and def. wont be the case with such a bad tear.

    good luck and best wishes for a quick recovery.  and CONGRATS! 

  • Ouch, I feel your pain,

    #1. I think you are doing everything you can for that.

    #2. I had a seond degree tear and i'd hate to say it, I had a horrible recovery and i'm just feeling better at 3 months pp. The fact that you can shower and walk is better than i Was doing. Good luck and congrats about the LO. :)

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  • I know the discomfort, I had a 4th degree tear too. 
    1. After a bowel movement I used the peri bottle and wet some toilet paper and gently wiped the area from behind like PP suggested.  My doctor told me to just use my hand and warm water to clean back there after a bowel movement, I didn't try it though.
    2. It took about 2 weeks before I could sit comfortable on my couch, but walking was great immediately after birth. Yea, those sneezes were a killer! To help with healing I used tucks pads, dermaplast, and epifoam.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery.
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  • Been there too.  I wasn't quite a 4th degree tear... But went though everything you are saying.  I ended up having a blood transfusion!  I walked like a cowboy for the first week or so lol.  Sneezing and coughing were horrible.  Wiping was bad too.  My BM lifesaver were the tucks witch hazel pads.  They helped get me clean and were good for the stitches and the hemrhoids. I wishi would have thought of the hoppy lounger to sit on.  I spent the first 3 weeks laying down or slouching. I promise it gets better.  Time is the best medicine.  Oh, do yourself a favor and do not look at it until it is healed!

  • I've read really good reviews for the Earth Mama Angel Baby products on Amazon. Especially their Mama Bottom Balm and New Mama Bottom Spray. I wish I knew about these products before I had my 3 month old since I also tore. I'll definitely stock up on these items for the next one. Best of luck!
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  • Just wondering how your recovery is going? I also had 4th degree tearing in September 2011. I ended up having a rectal and prennial reconstruction at 6 months post-partum.
  • I felt your pain. They had to use the vacuum on me and because of her positioning my tear was horrible. I also pushed for 4 hrs so everything down there was swollen and tender for a good week.

    I laid or stood for the entire first week. Sitting was horrible. Ice packs helped a ton. I bought a rubber made camping one that was flexible as little wrapped it around my lady bits like underwear. I also took at least one Sitz bath a day as hot as I could handle.

    By the middle of the second week I was doig better but still avoiding sitting whenever possible and when I did sit it was on the boppy. Middle of third week I started to feel more normal with just soreness. I'll be honest 5 weeks later and I still feel so but totally manageable now.

    It sucks because all you want to do is enjoy your LO but moving sucks so bad. I cried because I couldnt sit in the nursery on my glider and nurse her.

    For bathroom issues I just used the peri bottle Tucks as toilet paper and occasionally dabbed LIGHTLY with those bathroom wipes that make, just make sure they are Unscented. Honestly I didn't feel that clean for a couple weeks with all the bleeding and everything anyway so I aimed for 2 bathes a day to keep the hygiene up. Thankfully DH was home for 2 weeks PP so that allowed the extra bathes I can't enjoy now.

    One other tip my hosptal nurse gave me that I didn't start using until 3 or 4 days was dermablast spray. It numbs things up at least for a little bit.


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