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baby outfit with security tag - repost from BMB

Sorry if this is repeat for some, I also posted on my birth month board.

So I got a really cute outfit from my baby shower without a gift receipt and it has the security tag on it still. I have no idea what store it came from. It has the original bar code on it, but when I use one of those UPC scan apps it cannot locate it. Also, it has a secondary tag that makes me think it came from a resale shop. Does anyone know if I can take it to any store to get it taken off?

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Re: baby outfit with security tag - repost from BMB

  • This may be the one exception to the rule about not asking guests for receipts.   I'd contact the gift giver and see if you can meet at the store to get the tag removed.
  • Most will not want to take it off in case it's stolen merchandise and if the person doesn't have a gift receipt, there could be zero evidence that they bought it. They may actually say no to removing the tag even with the receipt just in case it's a case where they shop lift one and bought one. It happens.Another scenario is that someone may have purchased it offline or from a garage sale where someone may have stolen the item.

     If it is an ink tag, supposedly you can freeze it and then break it open and the ink won't get everywhere. Otherwise I've head rubber bands work. 

    I have had the tag left on products before. 

    (I googled these)

  • This happened to me at my church shower. I took it to BRU and they were able to undo it. They didn't ask for a receipt when I explained I got it as a gift.

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  • If you think you know where it came from I'd just take it back to that store and ask them to remove it - after explaining you received it as a gift at your baby shower.  I've never had that happen to me though so I'm not sure if you would have to have the receipt or not.  Is the gift giver approachable?  Maybe let her know what happened (that the security tag is on it and you don't want to damage the outfit).  Maybe she'll come up with the receipt (or actually take it back herself).  I know I would if I had given the gift.  What a pain.
  • I've never seen a baby outfit with a security tag on it--must be a nice outfit!

    I'd just try taking it to a department store and explaining the situation and asking if they can remove it.  The worst they can do is say no. I had a cashier remove one from another store once when I mentioned in passing that the previous store had forgotten to take it off. 

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  • I had this issue too! My sister buys a lot on clearance and I think it might have been part of a set - she puts gifts together REALLY nicely and put all the clothes on nice hangers for me (separating all of the sets)... So I had no tag and it was carters (could have come from anywhere!!). I took it to target, they said they don't use those tags - Tried babies r us and I just explained it and they took it off - no problem!
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