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Dumb question

I have a jujube diaper bag that have thinsulate bottle pocket. I dont understand what you do to preserve milk in diaper bag without thinsulate pocket like petunia picke bottom? How long can you keep milk in that kind of bag?

Re: Dumb question

  • You wouldn't. If you had leaks, it would stain the fabric (if you're refering to the cloth style). If it were the other kind, probably about the same as the JuJuBe, but you should be using a cooler ice pack with either. If you have no insulation, and ff, I would do powdered formula and bottled water. BF, I would get a small insulated bottle tote.

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  • I never carried milk or even bottles. If I was out with baby, I could just breastfeed her. I carried bottles to daycare in a lunch bag.
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  • If its breast milk it's fine at room temp for 8 hours. you wouldn't need to insulate it unless you were gone for longer than that or it was really hot outside.
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