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I teach high school and have noticed my ankles swelling just the last two days. Any one else dealing with this? I am trying to stay off my feet and put them up whenever I am sitting down, but it is a struggle. I was planning on working until March 1st when I will be 38 weeks, but now I am not so sure. I feel like I have no patience and just don't want to deal with discipline issues. Just wondering when all of you were planning on working until and if you are dealing with swelling, any tips or tricks? 
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  • I got compression socks, but they didn't do much.  I'm now wearing regular cotton socks (Hue, they are the best!) with my sneakers tied really tight to keep down the swelling.  Nothing helps more than getting up from my desk and walking around. Also, keep your salt intake in balance - not too much, but also not too little. As soon as I get home I try to get my feet up higher than my heart. I'm not a teacher, so I can't imagine what it would feel like to be on my feet all day! 

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  • I am with you . . . I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and I this just started happening to me as well.  I am also a high school teacher and earlier this week my legs and feet started swelling during the day while teaching.  I am trying to stay off my feet as much as possible.  My students are pretty sympathetic, so I haven't had too many issues.  I am planning to work until right before my due date.  Unfortunately, I do not have any tricks.  I just put my feet up at when I get home and I only have one pair of shoes that fit.  I wish I had more help, but wanted you to know that you are not alone.  Smile
  • I'm having a lot of swelling too. I just saw my Dr and he said its only a problem if you have high blood pressure. He recommended elevating my feet or laying on my left side for an hour every night to help the swelling ease up. Also, I'm drinking like a 100 oz a water a day. I totally feel you when it comes to the lack of patience and motivation. However, I'm going to do my best to stay as long as possible. I can get a max of 12 weeks and I want every second of it to be with my sweet baby girl. It's hard though. Teaching is difficult even when you're not pregnant.
  • I'm having a bit of swelling, but not nearly as bad as I had with DD, so I am just dealing with it.  I am sitting much of the day and have been from day one b/c I am high risk.  It's totally not me, but it is what it is.

    I plan on working until March 18, with a c/s date of likely 3/20.

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  • I'm a first grade teacher and sooooo ready to be done! I do not hae bad swelling, but have had bad groin and back pain. I sit as much as I can and have my kiddos be my little helpers. My due date is March 14 and I will start my leave on March 8th.
  • I'm a 2nd grade teacher and I'm sooooo ready to be done too!  I haven't had much swelling yet but the groin pain is there! Ouchy!  I try to sit as much as I can and I elevate my feet during planning.  I plan on working right up until he is born so I don't waste my days.
  • I teach middle school.  I noticed this starting about 2 weeks ago.  I try to wear loose shoes and socks (Uggs) and put my feet up when I can.  I don't have much opportunity to sit during the day though.  

    When I get home, I try to elevate my feet as much as possible.  

    I am now 35 weeks and plan on working up until my due date.  I would rather be off once Baby Girl is here.   

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  • I teach middle school and I'm sitting nearly the entire time now. I pass out papers but with the technology my district has I can sit at my desk to teach and the kids come up to work examples. I have lunch duty and morning hall duty every other week and I sit for those now too, otherwise my feet swell. I'm with you on no patience and not wanting to deal with discipline, I'm so done with it all!

    I am due March 7 and will be taking the week before off to start my leave.

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  • I currently work for a small company as a secretary so I'm sitting 90% of the day except when I have to get up and walk around to keep my legs/butt from falling asleep. I'm 32w and haven't noticed any swelling at all.

    *Knock on wood* I've been really lucky throughout my entire pregnancy with minimal symptoms/pains/etc. However since I work for a really small company, I don't have any paid maternity leave available to me and I didn't learn about short term disability insurance until it was too late to get any. So I've been saving up money to be able to afford to take time off from work and by the time DS gets here, I'll have enough saved up to take 6 weeks (or a little more since I won't be spending the gas to get to work) off from work.

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  • I'm a 4th grade teacher, definitely lacking in motivation in all areas! All I want to do is get everything ready! My feet and ankles have started swelling lately. I try to elevate when I get home from work, but not much else has helped. There should really be accommodations for pregnant teachers! This is awful! :
  • I work in a high school as well.  I am a guidance counselor but we have classes and I cover classes for teachers.  I spent a week and a half proctoring midterms for students with extended time and am now dealing with sched changes, report cards, angry parents and I am so over it.  I would love to go on leave but can't.  I have to use my sick days to get me to easter break so I can get paid for easter break and have a longer break then 6-8 weeks.  I have to hang out until my due date at the earliest.  I also don't want to have to use all of my sick days since the school year will still have a month to  2 months left to the school year.

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  • I'm an elementary music teacher and I'm on my feet while teaching all day (dancing, setting up instruments, etc).  I plan to work right up to my EDD if I'm able.  So far I'm fairly comfortable and haven't started swelling- which I did at 27 weeks with DS.  But, I did have a total meltdown this past Thursday trying to get DS ready to go to his sitters.  He was fighting me because he "just wanted to cuddle" with me.  I had to wrestle him into his clothes, then into his carseat, carried him in full on meltdown mode into the sitters (him not me ;) ), and then had BH's all the way to work probably from overdoing it.  Not sure how I'll make it 8 more weeks!!!  Yikes!
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  • I teach first grade and I just started to swell this week. I tried to wear compression socks but they didn't really help. I have been trying to keep my feet elevated at night.
  • I teach middle school. Because of an autoimmune condition that affects my legs, I already had a stool in the classroom to sit on as I get tired.  I have had no shame using that all along.  The last couple weeks, while I have not been swelling, my belly has gotten sore and I've started getting really tired by the end of the day.  Sometimes even the stool is too much work and uncomfortable to sit on.  Those days, I have no problem bringing my rolling desk chair to the front of the room and sitting on that while I teach.  The kids have been really great about it.

    I was originally planning to work up to my due date of March 18th, but now because LO has a congenital heart defect, I will be relocating to a city 2.5 hours away at 37 weeks so I can be sure he is born at a top-tier hospital where he will receive treatment.  So I have 3 weeks left now, and it seems really short, but every week takes FOREVER, it seems, as I get tired.

  • I teach 2nd grade and have swollen feet. I sit when I can but find it helpful to walk around too. I was going to go until march 1st (edd is march 4th) but decided with the loss of patience to go out Feb.18th. I just find myself being so short with the students and don't think the stress is good for me and baby or the students. It will also give me some time to rest and relax before sleep deprivation sets in.  

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