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Any mom's out there who are black like me with a white hubby? Would love to see pictures! We do not know the sex of baby so we will be doubly surprised with gender and color! Can't wait!! :)

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  • I'm half black/half white and my husband is white.  It's funny how different the kids can come out.  Everyone can tell my sister is mixed, but people think I'm Puerto Rican or Cuban and my brother looks like he could be Greek or mediterranean or something.  Weirdly, I also had blond hair as a toddler!  It turned black as I got older though.  
  • i dont have a picture but my friends white and her husbands black. She has blonde hair blue eyes. Their son has really pretty tan skin light eyes and awesome curly brown hair with blonde highlights. His features are more like his dads but his skin tone is lighter then his dads. They just had a daughter and you wouldnt even know shes related to her siblings. Shes white as can be like her mom with reddish blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes. Resembles alot like her mom and you wouldnt even think that her dad is her dad. But in some pics she makes similar expressions like her brother.
  • There is a girl on the December 2010 moms board who is black with a white husband. Her name is Krysdances or something similar. Anyway they have a little boy and he is just beautiful. He has the most gorgeous skin tone and had lots of hair when he was born. Not sure if she has any pics up. Also my husbands family has lots of mixed race children and they are all lovely as well. They seem to get they best of both parents features. :
  • I do not have pictures but I had two neighbors who the mom was black and the dad was white. They pretty much looked like they had a nice tan all the time. One was female and the other was male and they were both very good looking. Of course I didn't know them as babies so I guess I don't know what they looked like then :) I'm sure your baby will be beautiful!

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • I'm Korean and my husband is white - I can't wait to see what our baby will look like!  I'm also adopted, and forget that I'm ethnically Asian all of the time, so I tend to assume my baby will look like all of his cousins, but I know this will not necessarily be the case.  What we DO know is that this kid is going to have a massive head and probably need orthodontics badly...
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  • I'm the opposite. I'm white, DDs father is black. I can't wait to see her skin color, her eyes, and her hair!
  • We are a brown/white couple. Mixed babies are awesome!
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  • Mix couples make the prettiest babies! My husband is mexican and indian, and I am glow in the dark white! Can't wait to see my bebeautiful baby boy! And I have a friend who has the most beautiful boys! She is a see through ginger (she is a pretty ginger) and the father of her boys is black and very dark at that.So you are in to see some beauty when your little one arrives!
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  • Im sure your baby will be beautiful !!!!  Children of mixed races always have the best features !!!  
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  • One of my friend had baby and she is white and the father is black and it is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! It has curly fluffy dark hair, bright blue eyes, and light chocolate skin! I told her she needs to be a baby model asap! 
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  • I am black creole and people always think I'm Puerto Rican. My husband is white. I always wonder what our baby is going to look like. My brother, whose wife is also white, just had a baby and their little girl is very fair. It's always a toss up how we will come out but no matter what our babies will be beautiful fair, dark, curly hair, straight hair or whatever!
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  • My good friend is Nigerian and her husband is white with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Their daughter is about 4 or so and she has blonde hair and hazel eyes with caramel colored skin. Their little boy has dark eyes, dark hair, and caramel skin.
  • I am lurking from April 2013. I am half white/half black and my DH is white. You can see my son (although it's an old pic in my siggy. I was very surprised when he came out with straight hair. I think he is beautiful!

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  • A good friend of mine is black and her DH is white and their two kids are GORGEOUS!
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  • I'm half black/half Korean and SO is black. Our little boy is closer to my complexion in the face, but his legs and arms are a bit darker.We don't know the sex of this baby, but I'm sure he/she will be just as beautiful as big brother!

    Mixed race babies are absolutely gorgeous! Of course, I am a bit biased lol. I'm sure your baby will be every bit as gorgeous as I'm sure the two of you are!! 

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  • haha you just never knwo what you are going to get!!! My husband is Polish and Irish with blonde hair and blue eyes and I am fair skinned plus my father has green eyes! So we are anxious to see what baby will look like!


  • Welll I hope to see pics of your beautiful one!!1 :) Best wishes!
  • Of course he is! What a handsome fella! And his hair is perfect!
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