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So we moved into our new home last month and did a few renovations.  The house was built in 08 so it doesn't need much.  In three bedrooms I am having carpet installed right now.  I am covering up oak wood floors that are really nice.  My parents and everyone in so annoyed that I am doing this but DS has already fell many times and got a bloody nose twice.  Plus I know I'm the only person in America who hates wood floors and area rugs and prefers wall to wall carpet.

So my mom now sends me a link of all the toxins in new carpet and links with autism.  I was a sped teacher so autism is my biggest fear.  The guys are in my house right now!  I am so annoyed that she is doing this.   Please please please tell me that there is someone out there who had new carpet and healthy babies! 

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  • I haven't, but I thought this was going to be another thread about pube grooming before i opened it. Kind of glad it's not :)

    Can you call the carpet place or google the brand of carpet and see if maybe they use non-toxic materials? Otherwise, I guess I'd just try and keep the rooms with the new carpeting well ventilated for a while. 


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  • Carpets do offgas, but not indefinitely! Open the windows as much as possible. And then stop worrying. Your mom is being really manipulative. Don't worry, you are not tge first person to install carpet and have children.
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  • I think it will be ok, there are a million houses with all carpeting.
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  • Relax!!  First of all, you probably know they have "linked" a million things to autism... immunizations, exposure to chemicals, genetics, microwave use, and sooo much more.  There is no conclusive evidence to determine the cause of autism.  I doubt your carpeting will have any impact on your little one, except if they have allergies.  Even then, its not the end of the world.  We're opting for carpeting because we live above a garage and want to minimize noise, even though we know hardwood is "better".  Plus, carpeting offers more insulation for regulating temperature and will be gentler on crawling baby's skin.  In your case, less bumps and bloody noses too!

     I would guess your mother just wants to sway your opinion to agree with her... and she's using unfair scare tactics to do it.  Perhaps tell her that you appreciate her concern, but you are still getting carpeting.  If the research was significant, no one would be getting new carpeting and anyone who did would have an autistic child.  I'd say there would be way more support for that correlation then!

    Since you've worked with autistic children, you probably know that while it isn't any parents' dream, it doesn't have to be a nightmare.  Carpet or no carpet, you should try to see that fear in a different way.  My husband went through a panic phase.. what if our baby is blind, deaf, deformed, autistic, etc. etc.  Both our families also love to chime in with their helpful advice on how we can eat differently, live differently, and purchase things differently to ensure our baby is "perfect".  They also have asked what we would "do" if it isn't.  Of course I hope our baby doesn't have any problems, but I'm not afraid if it does.  I've worked with children who have physical, mental, behavioral, and learning disabilities.  If there is something "wrong" with my child, I know I can't blame the new carpeting or the soda I drank or the amount of light my belly was exposed to... I know I'll just have to accept it and move forward.  Every child is perfect, because no child is perfect.  Your perfect child will love falling softly on the carpet, using it as a landscape for toys, eventually staining it with spill and smudges, covering it with dirty laundry and junk...  you may want to stock up on new carpeting for the future!!

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  • You are not the only person who hates wood floors and area rugs. DH and I have been arguing about this since we bought our house 2 years ago! We have beautiful wood floors and DH wants carpet everywhere. I have refused. He insists it will be better for the baby to have carpeting. I actually posted about this on this board in 1st trimester and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of hard wood so I appeased him for now.

    But the compromise is that we are carpeting wall to wall our downstairs level with our office and finished basement.

    ETA: My good friend has hard wood and has complained about them a lot since having her DD. She said she is starting to think she wants carpeting when they move shortly into a house.

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  • Thanks ladies.  My Mom means well she's just driving me crazy!  She cant beleive that since im nuts about health and organic stuff that i would do this!  Lol.  I left the woods downstairs and in the hall and the office/bedroom upstairs but I just miss waking up and feeling soft carpet on my feet!  Hopefully all will be ok I just need windows open and fans on.  Get out the sweaters because it's 30 degrees!
  • My husband and I installed wall to wall carpet in a lot of the rooms in our old house when I was pregnant with my son. We even recarpeted his nursery.
    He is just fine.

    Maybe do a little research to ease your mind? Please, don't let your mom manipulate you like that.
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  • Sadly they don't know what causes autism and there are all sorts of theories out there including the MMR vaccine. If only they knew.

    Honestly, I would look into it if only to put your mind at rest as the other posts have suggested. other than that get the carpet you want.
  • No advice on the carpet/autism thing, but just wanted to say I also hate wood flooring. It is pretty but a *** to keep clean (we live in the country and our windows are poorly insulated so we have dust EVERYWHERE). I hated it when DD was learning to crawl and walk and had to do so on the hard floors. We carpeted upstairs before we moved in and have regretted not carpeting the great room. Sadly we are moving later this year and that house has wood floors and we won't be able to carpet them (it's a family home and they JUST redid the floors so DH isn't comfortable carpeting it) so I am stuck with dirty wood floors forever.

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  • We just got new carpet installed in our entire house...

    I like wood floors, but not what dog nails do to them, and carpet is so much more comfy.

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  • We installed new carpet in the nursery, spare bedroom, and stairs about three weeks ago. I've never heard of a link b/w autism and carpet. I'm not too worried. Everything seems to be a risk for something these days.

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