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Larger Chested Ladies

Anyone have experience with the Bravado Nursing Bra? Is it worth the price?
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Re: Larger Chested Ladies

  • I haven't bought them yet, but my BFF used them and she (like me) is an H cup.
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  • The sales lady at Destination Maternity actually suggested I check them out because she said most people find them way more comfortable than the nursing bras they sell at Destination. 
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  • I tried on the largest size they had and it was not big enough for me. I could squeeze in, but there was almost no support. I'm up to a 36HH in UK sizing, which I think is like a 9D. I've been wearing wireless nursing bras for several months now and the elomi Beatrice soft cup nursing bra has worked really well for me. It's not pretty and a little pricy, but it actually gives me support, which is totally worth it to me.
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  • I'm a 36/38DD when not pregnant/nursing, so I'm dreading trying to find stuff once my girls reach their full size. Plus, one of mine is noticably bigger than the other, so I have to have padded bras and underwires to even them out. I pity whomever looks at 'em after the baby's here and I go wireless for a while. Oy!
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  • I have the bravado in H/I cup and it is comfy but a little snug when my milk comes in
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