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Probably Paranoid but not sure

I am 30 weeks along and have had bad stomach cramps/diarrhea (TMI, sorry) since Wednesday.  Yesterday I thought I was having contractions.....my daughter was an emergency c-section, so I never experienced any, even Braxton Hicks.  The doctor said drink water, lay down and if I have more than 5 in an hour go to labor & delivery.  Well, they slowed down so I didn't go.  Now I just have a constant dull, almost menstrual like ache (in addition to the stomach cramps & diarrhea).  The baby is still moving, but it seems really slow/gentle.  I'm used to him karate chopping me. 

Should I go in or just see if I start feeling better once this stomach virus subsides?  I don't know why, I just feel worried that something is wrong.

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Re: Probably Paranoid but not sure

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