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I want to preface this post by saying I love my in-laws, they are great nice people and I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.

That being said, I am 36 weeks today (yay) and my sister in law is already driving me crazy with the questions.  I know she is excited for the baby to come but I still have four more weeks. Everyday she texts me to see if I am having Braxton hicks, cramps, or the baby, seriously? I'm not even full term yet. Then she proceeds to tell me to do things that are supposed to induce the labor. 

While I'm tired of being pregnant because I just have horrible swelling and carpal tunnel that never quits, I do want my little one to reach full term and stay in there until she is ready. How am I going to deal with the same questions for the next month without going crazy or feeling pressured to have to baby early (not that I can make it happen early)?  

Re: Seriously?

  • That would be so annoying. I haven't told anyone my due date just to avoid that but she sure is starting early. Has she had children, my guess is no? Can you start ignoring the text and calls, that might show her that you are too busy for things like that.
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  • I'm not the best about handling these kind of situations, but if she doesn't let up with the texts, I'd probably just say thanks for the tips, but I'm hoping the LO doesn't come until he/she is ready (maybe throw in based on my OB's recommendation) and just trying to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy one day at a time.  It would totally make me anxious to have someone constantly checking in on whether I've gone into labor yet, as if this experience isn't nervewracking enough on its own!
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  • She actually has two kids, 10 and 7. The whole family is super excited that we are having a baby because they haven't had any babies in the family in a long time, I know she's not doing it to stress me out or to be mean, but it is annoying sinc I'm not sue for another month! I could see asking that maybe two weeks out but it just seems early to me!
  • Yeah, people can get annoying at the end. I'm already getting "you look like you could go any day now" and "haven't you had that baby yet?" Umm, no, I still have 2 more months left. I just smile and nod, same as I do with all other inappropriate comments that people feel they can make to pregnant women.

     And also, holy crap that you are 36 weeks!! I can't believe the March mamas on this board are going to be full term soon!  We might be seeing birth stories and baby pictures in the next few weeks!

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