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I have been reading a lot of posts from bottle feeding mamas switching to WCM, but my question is to the EBF's. I HAVE to ween him, I have no choice I have to do another iodine dose to finish killing my thyroid. Problem is G never really recieved bottles, so he is constantly nuzzling for milk and won't really drink from a bottle. He will carry it and chew on it and drink maybe an ounce. Is there any way that I can make this easier on both of us? I try to give it to him before the nursing session but it always ends up in me nursin him. R can't help because he works too much, so I can't give him the bottle to give to G. Please HELP!!

Re: BF to WCM

  • Have you tried giving sippy cups?  I started out giving both my boys sippy cups with a little water around 11 months just to get the hang of it and get interested in using them.  I would do it when I fed them food so I wasn't really holding them.  I would also use a straw to put water into their mouth so they could know it is liquid in the cup.  It works well with eating because it does help them to wash down food.  Now that I am close to starting WCM I think LO2 will be better in taking it out of a sippy so I won't have to fuss with bottles at all for the WCM.
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  • I agree with using a sippy cup, I have gone from breast to sippy with both of my kids and it seemed to work well.





  • My only suggestion would be to really push a sippy cup if LO will not take bottles from you. I'm sorry you're being forced to wean like this due to health problems! :-( 
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