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Zane's Birth Story (Long)

So my timeline isn't great but here's my story.

Wednesday January 23, 2013 I arrived at the hospital and started checking in about 12:30pm for my induction. We waited in the L&D room for 30-45 minutes before we saw anyone and it was over an hour before they started prepping me for induction. (Found out the delay was due to several deliveries one on top of the other.) 3:45pm they inserted the cook balloon to start induction. Sometime between then and 4:30pm I got my blessed epidural! Well, it was great once the got it settled, a little painful going in because apparently the 'pocket' for me was beyond the reach of the local. Once settled it was wonderful.

Approximately 9:45pm the cook balloon fell out. I was told it could stay in for up to 12 hours, mine was there about 6 hours. After this I don't remember times for what happened until I started pushing. They had a hard time tracking my contractions. At some point during an exam they broke my water, I'm under the impression that the Dr. wanted to break it and the nurse wanted to wait. They started the pitocin after the cook balloon. Pitocin was started slow and gradually increased to max dose. I started pushing around 6pm. had a vacuum assisted vaginal delivery at 9:34pm on January 24.

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