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It is weird to be praying for pain...

Yet here I sit saying a little silent prayer for some PAINFUL contractions already. I have been dealing with non stop BH for weeks that are without pattern and without real pain. I just want a good, painful contraction that I know means labor has started. Is that really so much to ask? Up against an induction date of 2/5 (due to GD and AMA) but really REALLY want to get there on my own. Blah. Just my little vent of the day.

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Re: It is weird to be praying for pain...

  • I'm right there with you.  My sister was telling me about her "painful, stabbing" contractions when she had my niece, and I responded that I would give just about anything for some painful, stabbing contractions right now...
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  • I feel exactly the same way. I'm stuck with a c-section on 2/9 if these babies don't decide to arrive on their own before then because my doctor won't induce. I've been doing everything possible to get labor going with no success. Just made myself miserable walking on the treadmill for an hour and haven't had even a single contraction since I stopped. I would welcome painful contractions at this point!

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  • This is the only time in my life where I've wished for horrible pain... I had some intense contractions all day yesterday, but they were very irregular and tapered off by evening. So disappointed. Today, it's like yesterday never happened. Nothing.

    I hope you all go into labor before your deadlines! I'll be talking possible induction dates at my Monday appt. 

  • Oh I completely understand what you are saying.  I went into this weird masochistic mindset with contractions where I would find myself thinking, "Oh, that one really hurt!  YESSSSS!"
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  • If it is, then I guess I'm weird, too!  My due date is Monday, but I'm really hoping she decides to arrive over the weekend, when I know my husband will be around and won't have to rush home from the office (which is a 2- 2 1/2 hour commute, which he thankfully only makes twice a week!).

  • Right there with ya. 

    My first LO arrived at 38 weeks, so being this pregnant is strange to me. And w/ my first, my water broke and contractions didn't start until after I was already at the hospital. I keep hoping for contractions to start, although my OB is out of town through Saturday, so I suppose I'd be ok waiting until Sunday for the baby to arrive. 

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