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So I saw this product mentioned in a different post, so I looked it up. Is this really safe? Effective? Has anyone actually used this? I'm very curious...something about it just seems wrong.

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  • I saw this in the other post too today and also looked it up. I agree that something just seems wrong with it... I had seen someone else say that they used the tip of a thermometer a while back to do the same thing because her baby wasn't pooping often enough (I don't remember how long but I think it was extreme even for normal for a breastfed baby), but that isn't something I would ever consider doing unless absolutely medically necessary and the doctor told me I needed to... Just seems like messing with nature out of convenience with possible long-term consequences for LOs...
  • I don't know about the windi but I know babies can become dependent on the thermometer.
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  • I just hope I'm never desperate enough to try it
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  • I have not used this personally, but a mom in my La Leche League group loves it.  She has used it a couple times with her daughter and said it really helps.

    I do use the Nose Frida and love it!  That's the one for snot.  I highly recommend it.


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  • Yes I have used it. It's very similar to a thermometer but it is open so the wind can pass while it is in. It worked for DS but we've only used it a handful of times. You can actually hear the wind passing is like a little squeak..haha.
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  • We use them and think they are great. Sometimes our LO gets gas that's really painful. She will scream out in pain. The windi helps relieve that trapped gas. I wouldn't use it everyday but it's helpful when her gas is bad. I mentioned to the pedi and she didn't have any concerns.
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