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Bathing w/ baby

My hubby is very much against me bringing baby girl in the tub with me. I think it would be a nice bonding experience but he thinks she is too young (15 weeks).

Any mommies out there do this yet?? 

Re: Bathing w/ baby

  • I want to do this too. I am going to see if DH will sit next to the tub with me in the tub with LO. That way if he is really that worried he can take her and I can get out later....

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  • I've done that several times. I wonder why he thinks shes too young? Its not like she would be floating around by herself Stick out tongue. Obviously I prefer to take a bath on my own! but there have been a few occasions when we both needed one due to an accident and / or due to time constraints and it worked out just fine for us!

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  • I've brought her in the shower with me when she was congested really bad. She loved it. I was flad it made her hapoy when she was otherwise feeling poopy.
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  • I've done it once. It was fun, and LO enjoyed it. I made sure DH was nearby to help him in and out of the tub because I didn't want to risk falling or dropping him. 
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  • I've done this many times. I lay towels on the floor and lean over the edge to pick him up and then put him back down.

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  • This seems to be the only way we both get a bath lol! I have found that if you put a bumpo seat in the tub it works GREAT and DD loves it!


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  • We do this every night. We only gave him one bath in his baby tub. He screamed the entire time so a friend of mine suggested bathing with baby. I get in the tub and hold him while DH helps wash him. It keeps the baby calm and he hasn't cried since. After we bathe him, we let him kick and play for a while to get tired.


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  • image LaurenBullock:

    This seems to be the only way we both get a bath lol! I have found that if you put a bumpo seat in the tub it works GREAT and DD loves it!

    They are not supposed to be used it the bath because they float.  I know some people who are able to suction it to the tub, so I did try it once. It didn't suction in ours and floated and bobbed like crazy and was very hard to manage.   WAY easier just to hold LO.

     I take her in the tub with me on the rare occasion I take a bath and have been doing it for a while  If DH is home he will hand her to me, then I'll call him when we're done.  If DH isn't home, I put a towel in her RnP and put it right next to the tub and put her in there when she's done, then cover her with a second towel.  That way she is warm and cozy for a few minutes and I can finish up and get out.


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  • I shower with her 50% of the time. DH thinks it's weird. She LOVES it. I put her in a sling (not even a shower sling, just one I got from a consignment shop) and she hangs with me for the whole shower. It's my favorite.

    I tried bathing with her once, and it was an insane POTA. They're so slippery, you can't wash yourself, and it's definitely a two person job. I really suggest the shower sling (or regular sling you don't care about getting wet). It's the best and easiest. You both get a good wash, and if your LO is anything like mine, she'll love it! 



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  • We had some family shower time this weekend because ds was super congested and sick. He loved it and I thought it was easier than giving him a bath. I'm thinking we will do showers on the weekends from now on.
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  • I'm pretty sure I was bathing with E by that point. I'd love to bathe Z that way but its too hard with both of them and no DH to do dry off duty.
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  • I dragged Ruby into the tub with me last night while she was having her epic scream fit. Didn't do a damn thing but make her angry and me chilly. I take a bath at like 112 degrees so obviously 101 and below is like ice water to me! But I'd say it's fine, though it's not super comfortable honestly. If you're trying to keep her warm it's sort of awkward. 
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  • I bathe with my son every night!  He HATED the baby tub when he was teensy tiny and I never wanted to give him a bath because of the screaming that would ensue.  I When he was around 4 weeks old, I tried taking a bath with him ... and now we do that every night!  It's nice and fun and relaxing.  Since then, some nights I put him in the baby tub when I don't feel like getting in the bath myself and he's no longer unhappy.  But I find myself really looking forward to our evening bath snuggle time!  My husband is always out in the living room ... I leave Connor with him, start the bath, have him get Connor ready and bring him in to me while I'm already in the tub.  Then I yell when we're done and he takes Connor, dries him off, and puts on his diaper and jammies while I get out of the tub.  Then it's time to nurse and go to sleep!  

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