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Rolling Over?

What age did your LO start rolling over?  My LO is 3 months and 1 week and isn't rolling yet.  She isn't very fond of tummy time although she has great head control and strength. We continue to do it for at least 20 minutes a day but she usually just gets mad or sucks on her hand after about 2 or 3 minutes.  Just wondering when others started to roll.  
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Re: Rolling Over?

  • My baby girl will be 5 months tomorrow and she has yet to roll from tummy to back or back to tummy. She will roll side-to-side but that's it. She is working hard to sit up and I think she may master that first. Every baby is different and yours will hit each milestone whenever s/he is ready. :)
  • Dd rolled tummy to back at 11 weeks about a dozen times for a few weeks, then didn't for almost 2 months. At 5 months she started rolling over both ways with purpose to get a toy or to be off of her tummy, etc. So the early rolling may have been more accidental.
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  • My LO is 3 months and has not rolled over and had always hated tummy time. Last week my mom told me to "practice with her." When LO is laying on her back I have her grasp my finger and she pulls herself onto her tummy and then she will stay on her tummy much longer then before without crying. I also help her to roll from her tummy to back to practice also.
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  • My little one is almost 5 months old and just started 2 days ago. She did it once at 3 months when I was playing with her but didn't do it again till a few days ago. We have her on her stomach as much as she will let us. We put plenty of toys in front of her and I'll get down and play with her as well.




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  • Our lo is 6 months and is sitting up but has yet to roll over. Our ped told us not to worry and that it will happen in time.
  • Our LO rolled from tummy to back at 7 days old! She rolled from back to tummy for the first time about a week ago. She is crazy strong for her size says the pedi. Every baby is different. As long as your LO has the head control/neck strength you described, I am sure they are "on track." :)


  • Thanks for asking this! I was thinking about asking the same thing. My little guy is just a few days over 3 months now. I think he is getting close from going from tummy to back. I don't think the idea of back to tummy has even occured to him yet Smile. He is starting to lift his head really high when he does tummy time. He also lifts his leg, and he is starting to lift one side higher than the other and then tilt his head. I feel like he is getting close, but who knows.
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  • My LO is just over 4 months and is really close to rolling from back to tummy, but she has been "really close" for a few weeks now and still has not done it.  She does not even attempt to go from tummy to back though, when she is on her tummy she tries to move forward and looks like she is swimming, so I think she is more interested in trying crawl.  She is also really close to sitting on her own and has great head and neck control so I am not concerned at all that she has not rolled, nor is her pedi.
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  • We're 4 months and no consistent rolling yet...

    I think he might have rolled 3 times and he usually scares himself and quickly roll him back over.

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  • Mine rolled from back to tummy at 4 months exactly. She has yet to go from tummy to back. I'm ready for her to learn because I'm tired of getting up at night all the time to flip her over. ;)
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  • My LO rolled tummy to back pretty consistently by one month.  He rolled back to tummy for the first time today. 
  • He started rolling from tummy to back just before 4 months, and from back to front about a week later. He?s got really good at both just before turning 5 months.


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  • Mine just rolled over two nights ago. She's 15wks :)
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  • DS started to roll front to back around 10 weeks or so.  He had to be in just the right position to do it though.  He just started the back to front rolls this past week and he won't stop doing it now that he knows how. 
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  • My LO just turned 4 months and has been rolling over for a couple weeks now. He did it towards the end of his third month


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  • DD has been rolling over since 2.5 months. Now she is trying to crawl. She pulls her knees up to her chest and pushes her torso forwards - I call it worm crawling. I will walk away and she rolls and worms so much I "lost" her once when I grabbed a pop! She moved ten feet and I almost had a heart attach! I want her to stop it and just be a baby! I cannot handle having a mobile baby at not even 4 months.

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  • my son just turned 4 months and he figured out tummy to back last weekend. he's been doing it daily. he's now kind of rolling to his side when on his back but doesnt know how to go farther.

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