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Nesting + Cervix pain vent!!

The OB was feeling my baby's head yesterday at my apt and it is lodged very nicely in between my hips. Thanks to his huge head, and probably a little relaxin thrown in the mix, my pubic area is stretching and hurts so so bad! Plus I have so much pressure on my cervix all the time. Standing for more than a couple minutes at a time is not pleasant at all, and it even hurts if I change position too fast when I'm lying down. I'm pretty sure I've never heard of a cervix just falling out, but I think I might be the first one. 

If I could make myself sit on the couch all day I'd be fine, but I'm full term tomorrow and while I know that means I could still have a month, I really don't want to be caught off guard and have to bring my baby home to a messy unprepared house. 

Alright, enough complaining. I'm off to clean the house 5 minutes at a time and I'll roll my exercise ball around with me so I can get some good bouncing in when I need it.  

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Re: Nesting + Cervix pain vent!!

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