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another weight post...

does anyone else feel like they have gotten significantly bigger or gained more weight twd the end of pregnancy? some people say the opposite but im 37 weeks and feel like in the last 1-2 weeks i look ALOT bigger....is this normal?

Re: another weight post...

  • I feel HUGE, but in the last week I have lost 5lbs and the week before that I lost 3lbs.  I think it is the baby getting bigger and moving, for example my size large maternity shirts no longer cover my belly. 
  • I gained 4lbs in 2 weeks and weigh 1lb more today than yesterday. That's a huge difference from the rest of my pregnancy where I lost and then only gained back at a rate of less than .5lb a week.
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  • I feel ginormous, but this last week I've been quite the competititive eater it seems. Although I was so sick last week that I literally ate nothing one day, like maybe 500 calories the next and then my husband was like forcing me to eat the day after that...ugh I just felt so sick and feverish at the time. But I've been making up for it.

    I had my appointment today though and interestingly enough I actually lost a fraction of a pound. So I'm up a total of 35 lbs this pregnancy. I came home and celbrated with two pillsbury dough boy cinnamon rolls, lol. Guilty pleasure right now.

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  • ok thanks ladies you made me feel better. we are TG and this woman i work with just told me im starting to look wide. at my last appt i was up 4lbs in 2 weeks (altho i ate dinner literally right before running to my appt) but that was a lot for me. im totally fine on the weight gain i just think i LOOK bigger in everything all of a sudden. all i want to wear are leggings and big sweaters. 2 more weeks of work to go..........
  • Ive been eating like crazy these last couple weeks and have gained probably 5 lbs in ten days. And im HUGE!! My stomach has doubled in size since the beginning of this month.
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  • I actually had the opposite reaction from my 12 yr old. I came home from doing groceries and she asked me if I had the baby cause my stomach looked a lot smaller. It was because I was hunched over with a mild pain from lifting all the groceries!!
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  • My weight is holding steady, but my stomach is definitely bigger.  Like others, my shirts aren't covering they used to and my maternity jeans are not fitting the same.  I feel like I look sloppy, but with a little over two weeks until my c section I'm not really interested in buying any more clothes :(
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  • I'm with you guys.  My weight hasn't gone up much recently but several people have stopped me & told me how my belly is getting so much bigger, even in just the past week.  I didn't want to believe them, but looking in the mirror, it's true.

  • I gained 6lbs last week and I am 39 weeks and 5 days. I think alot of it is water weight though because I am super swollen everywhere.
  • Yep. I lost a little weight after having a gallbladder flare up about a month ago. The nutritionist at the hospital scared me away from all food for awhile lol 

    Yet, I think I gained around 5 lbs in the last week. No bueno. 

    ETA: My belly is enormous. Since I have such a short waist, sitting is increasingly less comfortable with each passing day, even though I haven't come close to "dropping" yet. AGH. 

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  • Yes. I'm a whale. I'm officially almost 3 weeks farther along than I made it with DD1, too and 10 pounds heavier. Stretchmarks are popping up, my belly is itchy and covered with tiny itchy bumps from stretching, and I'm getting a double chin.


  • Only my belly is getting bigger, I am getting smaller. It is the silver lining of my GD. :-) Reward for having no preggo pig-out session! I will probably blow up like a balloon once I am cleared to carb load LOL
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  • My weight goes up 3-4lbs within a day from all the water I drink, but in the mornings it usually kind of resets. Some days are hefty increases though and I am retaining quite a bit of water. I do feel hungrier than ever now that he's dropped, though! I have room to pig out and it's like my body is just totally on board with the idea. I eat a meal and not 2 hours later, I'm so hungry I feel dizzy. I feel like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors :} FEED ME, SEYMOUR!
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