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diaper genie

We got a diaper genie as a shower gift but never used it BC bf poop doesn't really stink,but now with solids...its bad.. Well we got out the DG and maybe I have it in wrong but the smell is bad.. I think I prefer just putting them in the little bags..anyone else have this issue..also, its only been a couple of days so it shouldn't stick right?

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  • We have the Arm & Hammer one and change the bag once/week. His room has NEVER smelt bad (and yet, his poop has always smelt bad, even with ebf). Something isn't right.
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  • We have the diaper champ and my baby is formula feed/plus eats solids too. I don't use those special bags, I just use a tall white kitchen bag. After each change (which is weekly) I just spray it with lysol and call it a day. It only smells if I have the diaper champ open, but once I shut the little door, it's fine. And normally if I change her say in the living room, diaper champ is upstairs, I don't run upstairs to throw her diapers away. I just toss in our kitchen trash can, but in a plastic bag.



  • We have a diaper genie too, but just the regular one, not the 'deluxe' one(I think that's what it's called).  We only use it for poop diapers, pee diapers just go in the regular trash because those refills are eeeeexpensive!  I've never had a smell issue unless I'm changing the bag.  Then it stinks while it's open.  And DSs diapers stink.  Bad.
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  • Love our genie. Even peepee diapers can smell! Especially the over-night ones.
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  • We have a diaper genie and love it. We have never smelled anything!
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  • Hmm.. Thanks for all of the responses.. I'm going to have to investigate this.. just wondering, how often do you change the bags?It's only been a couple of days and the refills are expensive.. but it just seems gross to go longer than 5 days or so?
  • We got the diaper genie II elite as a gift.  I LOVE IT!  Her nursery is not a big room and I can't smell anything.  Because of the cost of the refill bags, I only change it when it gets full.  Since she's older, I don't change her very often in the nursery, just mainly using the livingroom floor.  I have a halfway full bag that's been sitting there for 3+weeks, and it doesn't stink up her room.  I know that sounds gross, but we make the bags last around here.  If it smelled it wouldn't be sitting there for 3+ weeks.  I seriously love the diaper genie!
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