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Storage Suggestions?

So DH and I got a great deal on a floor set for our crib, dresser and nightstand in the picture below (not the wardrobe or other dresser). But the dresser didn't come with the hutch and the hutch separately is $600+ so no thanks.

Anyone have any cute suggestions for storage alternatives? Our wood color is called walnut but I think it will be difficult to match. So I thought maybe a colored book case in navy blue or something? Our bedding is a variety of blues, aqua and browns.

I'm especially looking for something with good shelving for books (a lot of them!), diapers, a basket for baby powders and wipes and stuff, the usual. I'm not even sure what else in the way of storage we will need. I know there are a lot of drawers in the dresser set and they are big, but I'm worried about opening and closing constantly when we're holding the baby down to be changed.

Thoughts, opinions, ideas greatly appreciated! The lower budget the better :)



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