Question about pumping output

I started pumping after my early morning feeding around 3 weeks pp. I was regularly pumping 4 oz, 2 oz per side, immediately after nursing my son. I am 4 weeks pp now, and have noticed my output has decreased by 50%, sometimes even more. I tried a pumping session an hour after I've nursed, and two sessions where I pumped in lieu of nursing (two hours after nursing), and I got the same dismal numbers: 1 oz on each side at best.

Are these normal numbers? I'm worried about being able to meet my son's milk needs when I return to work in 7 weeks.

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Re: Question about pumping output

  • In my experience its better to feed your dc one side for the first am feed, then Pump the other side either simultaneously[ which is the ideal way to go] or right after. I always got better output that way, and built a good stash for work. What pump do you have?
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  • Could be that LO is eating more so there is less left for you to pump.  Your LO is still really young and your body is still regulating. 

    When my LO was that age he was drinking 2.5oz's every couple hours.  So 1oz after pumping may not seem like a lot but is.  

  • LO is probably eating more at that time.  At 3 weeks pp LO isn't eating a ton but as your LO gets a bit older the milk amount increases until about 1 month old.  This happens as the stomach increases after birth.

    LO eats about 1 oz every hour (max 30 oz per day).  So, getting 1 oz per side after LO eats is GREAT!

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  • The normal amount to get when pumping in addition to nursing full time is 0.5-2 ounces, total.  So you are doing fine.  You'll pump a lot more when pumping to replace feedings rather than in addition to feedings.
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  • What PPs said. 

    Also at 3 weeks PP, your supply is still crazy out-of-whack compared to what LO is eating.  So you may have had a lot of extra milk.  Now you supply has regulated to just meet LOs needs.  You have to tell your body that you need more milk at pumping time by pumping at the same time, everyday and fully emptying your breast.  The emptying is key.  That is what tells your body to make more at that time.

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