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Tummy Sleeper + Sore Boobies=Ouch!

Ugh, seriously?!? They hurt all-the-time, especially at night.  I told my DH that I wish my side of our bed had "boob holes" so I could sleep on my tummy comfortably! I've even considered laying a few of those egg crate thingys on my side and cutting holes in those! I've tried to lay on my side or my back but it causes lots of lower back pain.  I fear this will only get worse once I have a huge belly in the way too!


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Re: Tummy Sleeper + Sore Boobies=Ouch!

  • This was me first trimester. I developed a way of lying partly on my belly but with my knee up to offload some of the pressure-- but I still had to adjust my boobs "just so" to keep them from hurting. That lasted a couple weeks and then I caved and bought a special pillow to help me sleep on my side.

    And I had a strict "no touchy" policy with the boobies. I stopped wearing a bra on my days off when I didn't have to leave the house because it hurt too much.

    Hang in there-- the boob soreness should improve. If you really want to splurge, you can buy an expensive pregnancy massage pillow that would allow you sleep on your stomach, but I wouldn't recommend it since it's really not good to lie that way for more than an hour anyhow. But the pregnancy pillow I bought has helped tremendously. I bought it in Amazon and it is shaped like a "C" and can be repositioned a number of different ways to support different positions from sleeping to sitting, etc. (So you can use it after pregnancy as well, which takes the sting out of paying for it.)

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  • I feel your pain. I woke up in the middle of the night last night because my boobs hurt so much. 
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  • I hear you.

    I have always been a stomach sleeper and found it difficult to fall asleep in any other position. But I can't do it now because my boobs are just too sore.

    I seem to have compensated with a partial stomach/side position but I woke up this morning with a really sore back so I'm thinking that contortion hasn't helped!

    I keep thinking I should buy one of those pregnancy pillows but I'm not convinced how much it will help me.

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  • I got a regular body pillow early on and that helped me quite a bit. It has since acquired several friends, so I now have a harem of pillows, but hey, a good night's sleep is worth it.

    The boob soreness does get better. I think mine were OK again by about 10 weeks.

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  • I  am only 5 weeks and feel your pain, literally!!! WOW
  • Ladies.... let me impart some of my wisdom upon you... since this is my 3rd child... get a body pillow... don't think about it.... don't wonder whether it will help... just do it... trust me!  You can get them for a very reasonable price at or amazon :)  They are life savers!  Or in this case... should I say lower back and/or boobie savers?  Ha ha! 

    In terms of the sore boobs.... this was for sure me with all three pregnancies... this one was maybe the worst!  But it did start getting better around 12 weeks... as did the morning sickness and fatigue.  I know it seems like it will never get better when you're in the middle of it... but it will. 

  • I've always been a back sleeper and this is quite a problem for me now being so big. My DH fixed me up with a solution. He stuffed 2 pillows under the mattress for me and it created a "pot hole". Now I don't roll over anymore and it helps to keep my boobs and belly in place all night. Get creative, there is a solution out there for you.

    On a funny note, the cat loves to sleep in my pot hole too!! 

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  • The boob pain definitely subsides after first trimester. However, now would be a good time to start training yourself to sleep on your side. I was a back sleeper before so I started to "practice" side sleeping long before it was essential. Now, that's the only way. GL!

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