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Fell on my hip/rump

It snowed while I was working, so I didn't see the ice under the snow as I was walking to my car.

My  left hip and upper back kind of hurts now but LO is moving like usual, no cramping or bleeding/leaking so far.  I am sure I will feel it in the morning though.

Of course, the wind is blowing the snow around like crazy, practically white out conditions right now and my husband is at work, perfect set up for Murphy's Law.

I am going to take a coupe tylenol and try to get some sleep.

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Re: Fell on my hip/rump

  • poor thing. i am sure you will be okay if you still feel your little baby. yes, I'd take tylenol. the doc might let you peek at the baby in an ultrasound if you are worried. take care
  • We had below zero temperatures last week, and this week we are hovering around 30 above,my hubby warned me it was slippery when he went to work yesterday morning but since the steps on the deck were well sanded I thought I would be fine.took the first step off the steps and bam,fell on my butt.swore a bit and made a lot of sounds like peter on family guy in that episode when he trips on the sidewalk running home and hurts his knee(not sure if many people will get that reference,but oh well) but was fine.Thinking of using a ski pole to get from one place to another for the remainder of the winter,this weather blows,especially with the fact i'm a little wobbly as it is
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