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shower for baby #2?

Is it tacky to have a shower for your 2nd baby, they will be 20 months apart. Thanks!

Re: shower for baby #2?

  • generally, yes. this is tacky. 
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  • I tend towards yes on this. I know some do sprinkles without registering. I guess that is a little better if it is a different sex but I'm not into it still!
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  • No shower's for #2 - especially since they are so close together. You should still have most of the stuff anyway, right?

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  • I'm not a fan, especially if you register.  That said, I could possibly see a surprise "sprinkle" from family, friends or work - we did this for one of DH's cousins, but the kids were 7 years apart.  

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  • If family wants to throw a small or a close group of friends want to have one then I don't see the big deal. I'll do with this one as I did with the first and buy everything I want need and whatever I got duplicate I kept if it was better or exchanged it. It's not like people expected to see what they bought unless it was clothes.

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  • I am having a baby shower techinically this is my 3rd but my first past away early that was my first baby shower then I was suppose to have one for my son he is my 2nd but no baby shower. But anyway I want a baby shower anyway.

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    I am having a baby shower techinically this is my 3rd but my first past away early that was my first baby shower then I was suppose to have one for my son he is my 2nd but no baby shower. But anyway I want a baby shower anyway.

    I'm sorry for your loss and enjoy your baby shower!

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  • My entire family would say a shower for #2 is very tacky - and many of them would not attend.  They would felt like 2 kids so close in age - they gave a gift once and most items should be reusable.

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  • Generally a full-out shower is kind of tacky in my mind. A sprinkle is great, though. Or just some non-gift-related party celebrating the pregnancy (e.g. gender reveal) or birth is cool. 

    I'm expecting to have no shower and probably no sprinkle. We are team green so the whole "different gender" thing doesn't even apply until the child is born. If we do have a girl I think people will just give us gifts even if there is no party. Especially baby clothes because people love baby clothes, especially girl stuff (my family does at least). And I do think we have everything else.

    If there is a big age gap / a reason for people to believe that you wouldn't still have the stuff from the first kid then a shower or sprinkle makes more sense. But 20 mo apart is harder to justify. OTOH when they are close in age you might want a double stroller or something. That's why maybe a sprinkle is good if people can go in on the stroller together as one big gift.  

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  • It's generally tacky. The main point of the baby shower tradition is to shower the parents, who back then were often very young and just starting out financially, with gifts and to help them get everything they need for the baby. Unless the kids are far apart in age or opposite genders, the parents should already have most of what they need and shouldn't need help preparing.

    A surprise party or small get together organized by someone else, where people can bring a gift if they want to, is fine. A formal shower with a registry and anything on the invitation that suggests gifts are expected could be considered tacky by a lot of people, especially the older generations.
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  • I wouldn't throw one for yourself, maybe a meet n greet after baby is born with no registry. since they are close, people may think its tacky. but its also becoming more common...

    So if someone insists on throwing one, suggest they do it after as a way for everyone to meet the baby. :) 

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  • I agree that it is tacky for the most part given how close they are in age, but if your very close friends and family want to put something together for you and it is just a selected few that really just want to celebrate this occasion then I say to each their own. Everyone has different comfort levels. I wouldn't want a shower if I were in your shoes.
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  • If this is something normaly in your family or circle of friends and someone offered to throw it for you I say go right ahead.

    My DS will be 23 months when his baby is born and I will not be having a shower.  DH's friends have mentioned throwing him a diaper party around 4th of july but I will be pretty stocked up on diapers by that time as well. 

    Maybe just to a party to celebrate the pregnancy.. no gifts required. 

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  • In general yes, it is considered tacky.
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  • Generally, a second shower is tacky.  The only exception to this would be if you had an oops or something and your other children are far older and you've gotten rid of all your baby stuff.  
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