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Baby planners?

FTM here, and my husband and I are in a new city without family and friends with newbies around here. Is it unreasonable to hire a baby planner to help us navigate things like baby proofing? Registries?
Has anyone else done this, or will we figure it out? Financially we are blessed that we could afford it, though don't want to waste money.
Thanks, and please no mean comments, we just want what is best for our LO and we are clueless.
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Re: Baby planners?

  • Honestly, do some reading. Yes, it is going to be stressful at times but there are so many awesome books out there. And the STMs on here will have a ton of tips for you! Save your money for baby!
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  • I've never even heard of this

    But if you have the money, this job exists, and you think it would help, go nuts 

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  • I've never heard of that, to be honest.  Just my opinion, but I say read some books and go to the classes offered at your hospital.  You can also connect with close friends/family via skype or something to talk about registries.  Good luck!
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  • I think you can figure it all out with just a bit of research. The ladies here are great sources of info as well. 

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  • I'm a FTM and this just sounds crazy.  There are plenty of books and resources on the Internet that can help you with that.  Sounds like a terrible waste of money.
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  • I second everyone's tips to just do some reading. If you figure things out for yourself, you'll have the necessary knowledge if you ever move or need to make changes. If someone comes in and does everything for you, you'll still be clueless and dependent on them.

    Feel free to ask questions on this board. I got tons of helpful tips from my first birth month board when I was trying to figure things out. :)


  • image RedHead0917:
    I've never heard of that, to be honest.nbsp; Just my opinion, but I say read some books and go to the classes offered at your hospital.nbsp; You can also connect with close friends/family via skype or something to talk about registries.nbsp; Good luck!

    My thoughts exactly

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  • Pay me I'll help you lol! Seriously the ladies have offered great advice with reading, asking here, Skype with family, and interenet research. Good Luck!

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  • Baby proofing sure, sounds reasonable. If I could afford it I would have paid for it just because its a pain. Registering, no. Read some books and reviews on Amazon and you will figure it out. Do a few different trips to register. Talk to the people at the store. Enlist mom friends to help. Good luck. It can be overwhelming, but you will get through it all.
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  • Whatever it takes to make you feel confident. Books aren't going to give you that face to face comfort. I think it would be a great resource considering your isolation.
  • image RedHead0917:
    I've never heard of that, to be honest.  Just my opinion, but I say read some books and go to the classes offered at your hospital.  You can also connect with close friends/family via skype or something to talk about registries.  Good luck!

    I did that too.

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  • I'm not sure there are baby planners the way there are wedding planners, because when you do a registry it's 1yr+ before you'll be baby proofing. 

    I think for a registry you can frequent this board and basically copy other people's registries. I also recommend the baby bargains book. And I'm a second time mom so I can offer my advice on what to get and what not to get. But everyone has a different opinion on that stuff.

    As for baby proofing I keep wishing I'd hired a consultant to come in some day and just basically do it for us! DS is 2 now and we kind of go with the flow...but professional help probably would have been good for us. That's really not something you have to think about for a long time, though--at least crawling and not in ernest until walking. Which is almost 2 years from now. By then you might feel more in the know in town and you can reassess things. You'll probably get to know local moms if you do any prenatal exercise classes, or birthing classes, or anything like that.  

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  • Never even heard of a baby planner. Sounds like someone who had a baby on TB determined they are the queen of babies...similar to how everyone on TK thought they were wedding planners, invitation makers, etc after getting married. lol

    I would say not to waste your money. Seems like a very unnecessary expense. Baby proofing is kind common sense or you could find suggestions simply by googling. Wherever you decide to register will help you. If you want something further than that, I suggest buying Baby Bargains...a very helpful book for baby related items.

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  • There is a tv show that comes A and E about a lady named Rosie pope that does consulting. Do what you feel comfortable with. Many people do just fine without a consultant, but if you have the money and really want to...
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  • Baby planning I have never in heard of such a thing.  As far as baby proofing that won't need to be done for several months after the baby is born.  I know being a FTM can be scary but I looked up what a baby planner does and honestly I would think a baby planner would be a huge waste of money. 

    Everything you need to know can be found in a book or with the help of a friend.  A registry can be confusing and personally I didn't register for some things I needed my mother called me asked "do you have this or that" and I ran out and got it.

    I find it a waste but if you are blessed to afford to spend money on such things and it will make you feel better and be less stressed do it.  However none of those things are really too hard, even baby proofing.



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  • I wouldn't but I don't have the money to spend either. I doubt it would be different if I did because I think it's pretty easy to figure it out yourself.  There are lots of books out there and online resources for you to use plus you can always ask on here.
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