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Boy or Girl?

Everytime i have a dream my little bundle is a girl.

Has anyone else had a feeling it's one or the other? If so which sex?

Re: Boy or Girl?

  • Feeling its a girl. Heck before I even found out I was KU my Dad was teaching DS to say "baby sister." Its a long wait til April when I can find out!
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  • I had girl dreams my entire last pregnancy and I had a boy.
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  • Last time I knew I was having a girl. I could feel it. I dreamt about her. Until my 20 week ultrasound when I found out I was having a boy. I'm not even taking a guess this time LOL!  

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  • I've been getting boy vibes, and the Chinese gender chart just confirmed it.  I'm sure that's got to be 100% accurate, right?   

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  • image TKtravels:

    I've been getting boy vibes, and the Chinese gender chart just confirmed it.  I'm sure that's got to be 100% accurate, right?   

    Wait, you mean it isn't accurate?! Oh damn it!

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  • Been having boy dreams! And ten those myths of how u can tell if its a boy or girl have all pointed to boy. I have always wanted a boy 1st but even since I started babysitting for my friends daughter I want a girl. Either way I will b happy! I want both eventually! So doesn't mater to me which comes first!

  • DH says it's a boy so we'll see

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  • I'm feeling like its a girl, but H is crossing his fingers for a boy. Of course he would welcome either!
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  • Not sure why, but I'm starting to get strong feelings that it's a boy. I'm kind of hoping I'm wrong, because I'd love a sweet baby girl. Obviously I'll be happy either way.
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  • With DS I was sure it was a girl, even after I found out I still dreamed I had a girl.  I have no idea this time.

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  • image daileym:

    Last time I knew I was having a girl. I could feel it. I dreamt about her. Until my 20 week ultrasound when I found out I was having a boy. I'm not even taking a guess this time LOL!  

    This exactly!

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  • I have a feeling this is a girl I don't know why.
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  • Girl- get to share clothes and possibly room with DD.. and they can be best friends! 

    Boy- fun for DH.. brings a new, fun dynamic to the house

    Would be thrilled for either!!! 




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  • I'll preface this by saying I really don't care what my babies are, so long as they are healthy.

    That being said, I haven't dreamt about them, but I keep imagining a little boy and a little girl.  But that's probably because I'm kinda hoping for one of each.

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  • With my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage I felt like it was a girl. After we had testing done, we found out it was a girl.

    This time around I feel like it is a boy. I am excited to see if my gut is right again.


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  • I thought DS was a boy and was right. I based it off of our timing, mainly. 

    This one I sort of think is a girl, for the same reason. But the more I read/hear about the difference between X and Y sperm the more doubtful I am about that whole timing thing. For this one I will monitor the pregnancy for similarities and differences. If the pregnancy feels pretty similar I will say boy. If it feels a lot different I will say girl. So far it's too early to tell.

    We are team green, though, so I can really use the entire pregnancy to guess/think about it. 

    I honestly can't say which one I'd prefer. I'd like the variety and having a child of my own gender, which would be a girl. But I also think it would be great for DS to have a brother because they'd be more likely to be close friends. And I feel familiar having a boy now, not so with girls. DS and I really, really click even though he is such the stereotypical boy (he is so much more like me than he is like DH). 

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  • I keep thinking about baby as a boy, but that might be just because so many people I know had boys recently. This is my first. I'll be happy with either gender, but I'd like to have at least one girl.
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  • I'm thinking boy, but not for any particular reason. Just feels "right." I will happy with any healthy baby though and have zero gender preference!
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  • I'm thinking boy, but not based on anything.
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  • for some reason I think I am having a boy...DH thinks we are having a of us is right:)
  • I keep having mixed dreams sometimes I'm holding a little girl but mostly boy dreams. I would love to have a little boy ever since my first nephew was born but then my niece was born and I fell in love with her also! They are both so different! My DH wants a boy soo bad he's the only boy in his family and he has to carry on the family name! So if we don't have a boy this time well we will be trying once again!! I'm going to be happy and love him or her just the same!!
  • Feeling girl again. I've been right the last two times. This time has started out just like my daughter.
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  • I was all about thinking girl. now that its twins I'm like... I have NO CLUE. I think I want one of each lol
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  • image katiebenes:
    I was all about thinking girl. now that its twins I'm like... I have NO CLUE. I think I want one of each lol

    I'm hoping for one of each! But I keep feeling like they are both girls.
  • I had a dream I had a boy but it was dressed like a girl...who knows what that means! I feel like if they tell me it's a girl I shouldn't believe them bc it will come out a boy and have to wear the girl clothes!
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  • I keep having dreams that it is a boy with dark hair. Part of me thinks that I am dreaming this because DS was born with a head of dark hair. Also when I was pregnant with DS I thought it was a girl , I was wrong . Either way I will be happy with a healthy baby !

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  • I was SO sure that DS was a girl.  I called him a her up until the A/S.  I couldn't be happier with him but I do hope this one is a girl!
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  • Because I want a girl soooo badly, I'm 98% positive that it will be a boy, lol!


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