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Maternity Pics...any suggestions?

Hi All,

We are doing our maternity photos tomorrow - I will be 38 wks - and our plan is to do them outdoors...there is TONS of snow here, like over 2 feet. We are planning on doing the shoot at my parents farm, we are driving my Mom's truck out into the field to an island of trees and doing some shots on the tailgate with the horses around the truck & then will be doing some in the snow covered trees. Other than that I don't really have any ideas...has anyone done a winter shoot before? Any ideas on what would make a really good photo? 

Thanks :)

PS - I don't want to hear any "oh my God you shouldn't be around horses when you're pregnant" please...I grew up with horses and understand & respect that they are large & have the potential to be dangerous if you don't pay attention, but please...I am looking for photo advice, not life advice lol. 



Re: Maternity Pics...any suggestions?

  • That sounds gorgeous and I love horses (had one for 7 years as a kid).  I am not terribly creative so I did some digging on google Images and pinterest and then emailed the poses I loved to my photographer.  Give yourself enough time to buy props though.  Btw I think a snow angel picture would be super cute! 

  • I wish I knew how to post pics on here so I could share my maternity photos with you. If you want to add me on FB you're more than welcome to take a peek. Look up Jennifer Schriever Skomial.    I'll try to quickly jot down some of the poses we did (all from Pinterest):


    - holding our ultrasound

    -holding our wedding photo above my bump (to show where we started) 

    -holding a sign that says "Eviction Notice February 9" over my belly

    -holding our hands around my belly in the shape of a heart

    -sitting on the ground back to back and having my hands accentuate my bump

    -standing in front of a road sign that says BUMP 

    -reading Dr. Seuss books but kind of peeking at one another

    -holding a wooden sign that have lyrics from our wedding song "And I thought I loved you then..."

     - belly shot with my belly against my hubby's belly (both holding our shirts up to do so) I was not a fan of showing off the naked belly and these shots turned out to be my favorite!!! we are laughing and kissing in them so they are super cute.

    -  try to include any hobbies you might have.    my hubby is a volunteer fireman so we took one with me in his gear and him holding the helmet over his stomach (looks like we are comparing the helmet to my bump)   


    There are a bunch more (and some were Christmas themed) but it's time for bed...  I hope this sparks some ideas. Definitely check out pinterest if you have a few minutes. There are TONS of ideas on there.


    HAVE FUN!!! 

  • I had snow maternity pictures. We just did the same poses you'd do without snow. They turned out really great and I really stand out in them.
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  • Look on Pinterest!!  We did ours outside and I got a lot of fun ideas from there.  I think I typed in winter maternity shoot.

    Have fun!!

  • Thanks so much for the ideas!! :) 
  • I did mine in the snow they are up on my blog:

    Have fun!! :
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