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Hungry in the middle of the night

Whenever I wake up to pee at night, I get so hungry but I'm not comfortable eating at that odd hour so I only drink water. Anyone feeling like that too and do u eat at night? 

Re: Hungry in the middle of the night

  • I have found a glass of milk helps. It's not filling but enough to hold me over through the night




  • I work 10 hour days and get off at 9PM after I've already had dinner but I was always going home and eating a 2nd dinner..Then a snack... etc. I found a recipe for a banana oatmeal smoothie (lowfat) and when I get home I'll drink one of those and ill be completely sufficed for the rest of the night!

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  • Oh yes. I usually have a cup of milk. That works for me. I understand your feeling of being so late to eat something. I feel the same way, but milk helps a lots.
  • I eat something small and carby if I wake up hungry in the middle of the night--a granola bar or a cookie with a glass of water will tide me over until morning. Milk is great but I don't like opening the fridge in the wee hours--the bright light wakes me up too much.
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  • Yes, and half the time I can't fight it. I try to just have a snack but sometimes I have a full breakfast Embarrassed

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  • Thankfully my kitchen is too far away from my bedroom, so no way am I making a trip. I try to eat some protein before bed, it helps me regulate my blood sugar in the morning too.

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  • This was always happening to me too, then I started eating a snacking right before bed and that seems to help. My go to is peanut butter and a banana on a piece of whole wheat bread.

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  • OMGYES!! I am starving!! I usually eat an apple, maybe some toast, spoonful of PB and glass of OJ, or cereal.. depends how i feel.
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  • It is funny you say this because this happens to me all the time. Last night in fact I am laying in bed, and it was like my mind was just consumed by how hungry I was so I had a bowl of Crackling Oat Bran and called it breakfast. I feel like a teenage boy with the appetite I have these days.  
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  • If I wake up hungry I usually can't fall back to sleep unless I get something!  I have taken to keep a sleeve of crackers in my night stand.  This way I can have 4 or 5 with a glass of water and that is usually enough to allow me to fall back asleep!
  • Almost every night! I usually wake up about 3-4am and have a bowl of cereal. I for some reason wake up craving something sweet, but the only sweet I've been craving is every kind of cereal! Needless to say we buy a lot of cereal ;)
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  • I have a mini Cliff's power bar at my 2:30 as m pee break. They're small and high in protein.
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  • I usually eat right before bed and if I am hungry at night I just ignore it. For whatever reason the idea of a midnight snack has always grossed me out so I have never eaten at night no matter how hungry I am.

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  • I've been dealing with that a lot, too. My fatigue tends to overrule my hunger, though, so I just roll over and try to fall back asleep.

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  • Yes! I eat peanut and jelly sandwich or a bowl of Cheerios.
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    YES!  Every time I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, my stomach hurts because I'm so hungry.  I even eat cereal or cheese or something right before I go to bed, but I still wake up hungry.  I keep crackers by my bed with water to munch on.  I'm usually too tired to go to the kitchen and that would wake me up too much, so the crackers help enough to go back to sleep.   
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