EDD Tomorrow :( ~Longish Sorry~

Hello Ladies,

   I have missed you all so much. For the past few months I have been hanging out on the TTCAL board. The ladies there are super and really supportive.  I have had a really hard time with the loss of my boys but I am in a much better place than I was when I took a break from this board.

 I started grievance counseling a few months ago. It is one-on-one and my counselor is a great lady. She has helped me so much! If any of you are thinking about getting help... do it! I chose to go to counseling because my husband and I were and still are in two very different phases of grief. It became increasingly difficult to talk about the boys which put a strain on our relationship. We are now in a much better place and he has even come with me to my sessions.

 Tomorrow is my EDD and it is killing me to know that I would hold them and meet them for the first time tomorrow.  My husband and I plan to light two candles for them at our church and we also plan to drop some flowers in a nearby damn in remembrance of them. I would give up everything to be able to go back and change my story to a happy ending. I still think of them every day and I don?t see that ending anytime soon.

I wanted to post this here because so many of you are new (unfortunately new girls come here every day.) I wanted to let you all know that I am in a much better place now and that someday you will too.  I don?t think that our pain gets ?easier? with time I just think that we start to get use to the pain. I think that the pain gets easier to live with. Take care ladies and I hope that your pain becomes easier to live with soon.

Re: EDD Tomorrow :( ~Longish Sorry~

  • Thank you for sharing. It is good to know that it gets better. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. I haven't hit any big milestones yet, just small ones, but it makes me sad even thinking about them.  
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  • Huge hugs to you tomorrow.

    "Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart"

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  • I appreciate you posting. Tomorrow was my EDD too. I delivered stillborn only last week and it feels like such a never-ending tunnel right now. I have good moments and I am hoping to have another baby when we're ready but that feels like it's going to take forever.
    Pregnant after 1 miscarriage and 1 late loss. Due July 20, 2013. I am on daily Lovenox injections after finding out I have MTHFR deficiency and Homocystinuria. I hope with this treatment we will bring home a baby this time. I believe in you, Nugget.
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  • Thinking of you both today.  Huge hugs.

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