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I'm thinking about starting a preemie mom group this summer. Before my son was born, I was really excited to join a new mama group, but we never got to because he was in the hospital, then RSV season...
But this summer I wanted to join a group, then thought it would be fun to get together with other preemie moms and their babies since there are just different topics of conversation than a regular mama group. Would this be something you would go to if it was in your area? Just meeting up at a park or doing other activities together? Just curious about others thoughts about this. Thanks!

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  • Not sure what area you are in, but was actually considering something like this in my area as well.
  • I don't know that there are any groups in my area, but I never really looked too closely because I've hung out here so much.  I say that if there isn't already a group in your area and you want to start one, go for it!
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  • I would love a preemie mom group in my area. It would be great being around other Mom's who get the preemie thing!
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  • I would love one too. I belong to a ftm group in my area on and theres like 150 moms and they have multiple fun events every day that i...wish i could go to. Stupid rsv season :(  i know ill get to do more later but im also worried about being able to connect and relate with them. I still get those ugly jealous and resentful feelings about people who got happy healthy deliveries. Also i know theres a lot of bfers and seeing someone bfing still breaks my heart and i would feel very awkward crying randomly cuz someone was nursing their baby and then having to explain it.

    so short answer...yah i wish there was a preemie mom group in my area lol. 

  • I would love to join a preemie moms group! I haven't looked into yet, so I'm not sure if there are any in my area.
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  • I would love it if there was a preemie group in my area! But, as far as I know, there isn't so our little family has lived in a bubble for the past two winters.  I do have one friend that we made while in the NICU that I get together with every now and again but it's hard to coordinate. It bums me out since I have several friends with LOs around my sons age but they all go to daycare and even if they seem healthy I'm not willing to chance it during the winter.  Sometimes I worry if that my son's social growth is being stunted since he is never around LOs his age :( 

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  • Oh yay! Happy to hear excited feedback. I'm in Minneapolis. And I'm going to do it!
  • I'd love it if there was a preemie mom's group in our area. It would really help to meet up with other mom's who understand what it's like to have a preemie. I am not a great leader' so I can't see myself starting one though. :(
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  • I agree...go for it!  I WISH there was something like that in my area.  I belong to a general moms club in my town (all ages) but only one other mom has a preemie, and she is 4 years old, so it's not like we'd meet for playdates.  

    I belong to a facebook group for NICU parents of the hospital where DS was born, and they are starting a playgroup beginning this weekend, but we live an hour away from the hospital and most of them are from that area (so they will meet up there), so it's not exactly convenient for us.  

    You've got me thinking about maybe starting or finding a preemie playgroup of my own through!   


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  • I definitely be interested in a local group. I'm part of a larger preemie group and we try to have GTG whenever we can.



  • That would be awesome!  My hospital has one, but I didn't know about it while the babies were in the NICU and haven't tried to go since then but I am interested.  If you want to see what they do (share support, volunteer in the NICU, and other things) check out the link below and maybe get some ideas from that.  I would love to meet other preemie moms because no one knows what our emotions are if they haven't gone through it themselves and it is hard to find someone to talk to IRL.

    ETA: fixed the link.  It is more of a volunteering to be in the NICU to support parents currently going through NICU.  They do NICU reunions and offer other support groups, too.  A play group would be really nice after flu season is over.

    ETA: link still doesn't work, but if you c&p it will work!

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  • I wasn't in one, but two of my closest "mom friends" are people I bonded with because our LOs were all early. We belong to a bigger playgroup but sometimes the three of us get together with our LOs and have "deeper" talks if that makes sense. Those 2 have been a great support to me during this second pregnancy since they understood my fears and concerns more than other moms.
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