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39w Appt... BLAH

BP and HR are good.  Other than that, no real news Sad

I'm still not dilated, my cervix is still "really high up", and there are no other signs of an imminent labor.  Because of this, we discussed setting up an induction date for ~10 days after my due date.  So one way or another, we are going to have this baby by the 13th or 14th.  That's one nice thing to hear... a definite end date in sight!  If I'm still not in labor by my appointment next week, they will first do a sono to make sure my amniotic fluid isn't low or the placenta isn't aging.  If either of those shows to be true, then they will most likely induce me that day or the next, not waiting for the full 10 days after my EDD.  But the doc did say they really would prefer me to start labor naturally, especially being a FTM.  I definitely agree with this.

Feeling pretty bummed about no progression (STILL!), and I'm not even sure I've lost my mucus plug yet.  If I did, I didn't notice it.  I really want this to be a February baby, but at the same time, I feel like both my body and Baby J are being stubborn.  I'd rather not be induced at all.  I guess I'm just a bit cranky because I didn't sleep well again last night (horribly vivid dreams of some poor girl being burned to death... WTF brain???).  Trying hard to stay positive, but I think in the mean time, I'm going to take a nap.

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Re: 39w Appt... BLAH

  • Hopefully you will go into labor on your own! I completely understand your reservations about induction.  You still have plenty of time for it to happen spontaneously and just because you're not showing progress yet doesn't mean it won't happen very soon!! Thinking of you! C'mon Baby J! :)



  • I'm in the same boat. Due Friday and NO progress. I know it really means nothing, since you can be checked and have no dilation and go into labor that day. I think it would just give me a little more piece of mind knowing that my body is getting ready lol.

    I don't think I've lost my MP either. When I had my cerclage removed I bled kind of a lot, so unless it came out then in the dr's office I believe it's still there. My dr wants to induce me if I haven't had the baby by 41 weeks, next Fri. So I'm really hoping to go naturally.

    I ate a little spicy food last night (gotta be careful b/c I already get bad heartburn as it is) and we did some walking around Target. I'm hoping to try some natural methods to get things going. 

  • I'm sorry, that's frustrating. Have you tried any of the OWT? Walking a ton, EPO, sitting on a birthing ball to encourage baby to come down.
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  • Walk! Walk! Walk! It will definitely help get things going! I'm planning a trip to the zoo with SO on Monday just to make myself walk!
    FWIW a friend of mine was fully dilated and went into labor 3 hours after being checked and having absolutely no progress! She had her baby 30 minutes after doing her grocery shopping. Lol

    Also, I have a question you said your cervix was still high up? Does that mean it lowers as you get closer to labor? Sorry probably a really dumb question it's just not something I'm well educated on this baby making business.
  • I was scheduled to be induced with my daughter 10 days after my due date and ended up going into labour on my own the morning I was supposed to be induced. Also, I went in with consistant contractions & only 1cm dilated and it all still happened!! Good luck! I know it's super frustrating.
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  • If it helps, I was only 1cm and not reallyeffaced or aanything as recently as Sunday night, and I'm in labor now! Ihad ccontrax for a few hours and when I came in I was still only 1cm but completely effaced. Then I jumped to 3 cm and was at 5 the last time they checked. So I basically had no progression until labor hit!


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  • Hang in there and stay positive!! Take a nap, or watch a funny movie (or a movie with a feel good ending, like Garden State), to get your endorphins up, and take a walk. 
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  • Thanks everyone for the kind words.  I do know that I could easily go into labor tomorrow (or even tonight!) but as always, it would be nice to know that my body is preparing for it. I have tried the ball, but I may be doing it wrong because afterwards my pelvis and back are KILLING me.  I read on webmd that EPO could be unsafe to take during pregnancy, and it can sometimes cause complications when you have blood problems/disorders (and I am anemic).  So I've stayed away from that.  I will try walking more, but to be honest, I'm not sure how much more I can do.  My legs/ankles are swollen and hurt pretty bad after just a trip to the grocery store.  But that is first on my list to try come this Friday. 

    I wound up taking a longer nap than I wanted, but I feel SO much better, and much more positive about everything.  The doctor called and my induction is set to start late on the 12th, such that we will have the baby on the 13th... An early Valentine's Day gift for me and my DH Smile

    @adamsabigail14, to be honest I have no clue what a high cervix means, other than it's harder for them to reach when they do pelvic exams.  Anyone else want to chime in with what this means?


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  • I totally understand. My first was a week late. I was scheduled to be induced the next day, but he started coming on his own at like midnight the night before. 

    I felt the same way about being induced. I didn't want to and I was excited that labor started on its own.

    Good luck! Hope he comes soon for you! 

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  • My 39w appt yesterday was blah as well.  I've been 1cm dilated since my first check at 36w, and I'm only 50% effaced.  I'm a bit discouraged at the moment, I just don't really want to go over, but my OB does not go over 41w, so at least there's an end in sight, like you!  FWIW, I was thinned out, but not dilated when I started contracting with DD at 39w4d, so there is hope! 

    Here's hoping your body kicks into action soon!

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