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Are you picky about Baby Gear?

With my first son I was super picky about what kind of bottles he had and I found the crib I wanted on craigslist and HAD to have it. With this baby I spent over a month scouring the internet and resale shops for the perfect high chair. I found it (with a fantastic deal I might add) but I'm curious what were/are you picky about? What has to be perfect and what are you indifferent about?
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Re: Are you picky about Baby Gear?

  • This is my first baby, so I'm probably being way too picky about everything just because I have no prior experience!  I'm mostly concerned about safety, so we researched safety ratings extensively for mostly everything we picked out: the crib, mattress, car seat, bathtub - you name it.  We already had to return a mattress that we ordered that seemed too soft, and a crib sheet that seemed too loose.  

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  • What has to be perfect:

    The bedroom furniture, paint, etc. I have to look at it EVERY day for years since it's a convertible set and I want to make sure I like it. I was also determined that the car seat, stroller and diaper bag be exactly what I wanted since those are the items I am displaying to the world when we go out in public (and of course I wanted baby to be safe in the carseat as well). I also want her to have outfits that I love and adore around the 6-9 month size as that is the time of year she will have her 1st Christmas photos to treasure forever and family will see her in them.

    What am I indifferent about:

    All other clothes, blankets, diapers, etc. Play items such as bouncer, exersaucer, etc. since they quickly outgrow them and DH and I are really the only ones to see them.

  • I'm pretty indifferent to most everything. The pack n play has to have certain things, and I'm kinda picky about diaper bags (I'm picky about my purses, too, they don't have to be expensive, but they do have to be "just right"). As long as I have something, and it works and won't break over my baby's head or out from under his feet, I'll be good to go.
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  • I'm picky about the nursery, the stroller and clothes. I really don't care about the swing, bouncer, exersaucer, play mat, etc. I'm a little OCD about other things, too. Like, all of our toy storage has to match our decor. 
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  • I was picky about the car seat and it's safety.  As for almost everything else...even though I'm a FTM I'm relaxed and just looking at what we can afford. 

    I want what is best for our baby, I'm not indifferent about anything but I try not to get hung up on (what I see as) the details.




  • Pretty indifferent.  I was only picky about carseat & stroller in that I wanted them to be comfortable/easy to use for ME, and I wanted an organic crib mattress since LO spends so much time on it.  Everything else has such a short life, I didn't much care.  We're also Team Green, so that by default puts me in the 'less picky' category.
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  • So far I am picky about colors. I want sage and espresso in the babies room. I am doing a jungle theme and i like the way the green makes me feel, all happy peaceful natural. So I've really been pushing for that on my registry and making it clear that is what I want. No blue wall hangings or dinasour stuff :p lol
  • Safety, gender neutrality, and style -- almost everything I've bought / registered for is because my completely picky research-insane friend recommended it.  She's on her third kid and everything has held up well.


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  • I'm starting to see i'm picky about everything lol

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  • I'm pretty picky about the nursery other than then that... Ehh doesn't really matter
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  • I'm picky about most things in that I want high quality that will be functional and last.  Highest on my list: car seat, stroller, and nursery furniture.  Cloth diapers and the PnP are up there too.  I just wanted to make sure that with DS we got most things that would last for any subsequent kids and that could be passed on or sold when we were done and that would at least not break or be trashed.  So far so good... DS is 3 and the only items we have to replace this time around are things we got rid of (i.e. infant car seat and NB cloth diapers) or things I want new (i.e. bottles) and since this one is a girl I'm buying a lot of new clothes.
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  • image ChicagoBroad26:
    I'm picky about the nursery, the stroller and clothes. I really don't care about the swing, bouncer, exersaucer, play mat, etc. I'm a little OCD about other things, too. Like, all of our toy storage has to match our decor.nbsp;

    Things that are out need to go with the house. I do not like baby looking things at all.
  • I am more picky about our big ticket items, as those are the things i want to last through a couple of kids. We went with what we viewed as the safest carseat, along with its compatible stroller, etc 

    As far as clothes, toys, smaller items, i wasnt AS picky. I want cute, safe, affordable items, but i also dont mid having to replace them when we have our future kids!  


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