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Varicose Veins down there...

Lovely. Not just one. Multiple. And they are huge and unsightly, not that I get the chance to look down there often. And they hurt a bit. When my doc saw them at our last appointment, she gave me the, "Oh, my goodness, are those painful?" So apparently this isn't super common. 


Anyone else? Any suggestions for relief? And a little hope that these will eventually go away, and someday my va-jay-jay will look like it used to?


37 weeks. Almost there.  

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Re: Varicose Veins down there...

  • I'm impressed you can see them at all! I am sorry they hurt, though :(  I have no advice since it's quite the jungle down there for me... i wouldn't know if I did or didn't have any. Good luck, regardless! 
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  • A friend of mine had them with her last pregnancy.  I think all you can do is try to take the pressure off.  I think her OB suggested a support belt.


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  • image MelTwe:

    A friend of mine had them with her last pregnancy.  I think all you can do is try to take the pressure off.  I think her OB suggested a support belt.



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  • My OB pointed them out to me at 23 weeks- I wasn't exactly holding a hand mirror to check it our or anything but that's when I imparted a "lights off" rule and decided no waxing... My OB said they should disappear after birth, just like other varicose veins. Doesn't exactly help in the mean time, but if they don't there is a vein removal process you can look into. Hoping I don't have to... 
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  • I've got 'em.  Had them since about 20-ish weeks?? Yeah, they're horrible looking and really painful in the morning when I get up.  My DR. suggested a maternity belt as well which I haven't got around to getting yet.  I was worried about delivery as well but she said they wouldn't worry about that unless the veins were REALLY big and i've read online that most women don't even notice them when they give birth.  DH is frightened of them.  Pregnancy... such a beautiful thing.
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  • Prop your feet when you can, don't do any squatting or straining, and a V2 support belt and ice are your friends.

    I've had them with my last 4 pregnancies, and they are the devil. Mine are huge and scary. The weight of your uterus restricting excess blood flow in your downtown region is to thank.

    Thankfully they do go away within days of delivery.

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  • Yup, got them!  All over my legs and down there..and I can see them..they are soo ugly and painful.  I had them with DD, but they are soo much worse this time! And I agree, they are so painful in the morning when I get out of bed.
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  • I've been noticing that I'm feeling swollen and "puffy" down there so against my better judgement, I took a peak with a mirror. I wanted to cry. Mine don't hurt, thankfully, but they are about the ugliest things I have ever seen. I'm praying they go away after I give birth or else I don't see myself ever having sex again...

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  • Unfortunately I am in the same boat. It is horrifiying, and has been since about week 30. It gets worse with each pregnancy:(

    However, mine are huge and gross, and everywhere, but not painful. They went right away with my last pregnancy.

     Good luck! 

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