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What's the worst...

Hahaha, it makes me laugh every time. Poor kid. That's happened to DD twice now... our dog just mows her down when he's intent on playing or chasing a ball :(  

What's the worst tumble your kid(s) has taken?  

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Re: What's the worst...

  • Thankfully, he hasn't had any major boo-boos yet. 

    The only thing that still makes me shudder was my dad's fault. LOL When DS was almost 9 months old, we went to visit (we live out of state) & my dad wasn't sure how stable DS was. He went to sit him down on the living room floor & DS just fell straight backwards onto his head. It wasn't his fault but DS was still not a solid sitter at the time. He cried for just a few moments but that was the WORST! 


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  • DD1 fell head over heels down the entire wooden staircase around age 3. However, no injuries. Her worst injury was a tumble on the concrete at the pool - huge split lip and a bruised tooth. The former was scarier for us, though. 

    DD2 falls so much but I'm not sure if any have been really bad. She's had some goose eggs though. Oh, wait, once when she was about 7 months old she somehow fell (from sitting) into the curb (she was in the grass) and her eye was bleeding. So gross and random, but it stopped pretty fast and no further injury.  

    If we had dogs, though, I think they would get knocked over on a daily basis.  

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  • He tripped on a ball when he was 14 months and fell in just the right way to break his leg.  It was a freak thing, though, because it wasn't a bad fall and he'd done it a million other times.


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  • DD lost her balance and went forehead first into the wood coffee table. She hit her head so hard that the blood came to the surface but didn't break the skin. She has a big goos egg on her forehead now and the blood is still a line right under the skin. 

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  • Parker once fell off a dining chair at my sister's house.  It wasn't necessarily a big fall, but it was hilarious because one second she's there, the next BAM floor.

    Rowan fell down two of our stairs in the house and I almost had a heart attack.  Luckily she caught herself with her hands before she tumbled down any more. 

  • Honestly, none?  And she's almost 7.  I mean, she's fallen- like when she was learning to walk. Or when she started running and couldn't get her balance. She fell at school last week in the snow.  But she's never gotten hurt.

    And it's because she's kinda wimpy (yeah, I have no issue saying that). She is very careful, always has been. Doesn't like to climb because "it's scary".  Getting her on the rock climbing wall for kids at school last year was a biitch and I actually had to go to her gym class so she felt comfortable and would try.

    So, none.  But I actually wish she had more balls when it came to running and playing and being a kid.  But, at least we've never gotten hurt I guess? 

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  • DD-she was about 3, and she was running full throttle through our living room into her playroom.  Well, she tripped right at the doorway, and she went forehead first into the door jam ... she had a huge purple goose egg on her forehead for a very long time, and you can still feel the faint dent in her skull.

    DS- probably when I fell down the stairs with him as a baby.  He was fully asleep, and I slipped on some books DH left on the stairs, and DS flew out of my hands, and down about 4 stairs.  He was perfectly fine, although I did get a funny look from him when I picked him up, like "Why am I face down, upside down on the stairs, Woman?" ... then the crying started.   He was fine.  Otherwise, I would have to say whatever happened to chip one of his front teeth.  I STILL can't figure out when he did that, but it was sometime after he learned how to climb, and I think he fell off our built in bookshelf, but I have no proof of that, because I just randomly noticed it one day.

  • When Locke was only 3 weeks old I thought I'd try taking him out of the house for a stroll while walking our dog at the same time (first time mom, I was DUMB)...anyway, we were walking around the pond in front of our apartment when another dog started chasing my dog (Jack), Jack got scared and started to pull on the lease which got caught around the wheel of the stroller tipping it over....causing my 3 week old to fall out of the stroller and onto the grass. He cried but was totally fine. Two ladies witnessed this and told me to get better control of my dog ("gee thanks"). I was pretty sure DHS was coming to my house that night. I felt like a horrible mother!  
  • We have had any tumbles yet, unless you count DH dropping Elliot off our ottoman. He fell about a foot onto carpet and didn't even cry. Lol

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  • Haha..that video does make me laugh, poor kid! My youngest fell off the bed when he was maybe 6 months old. I had gotten him totally naked to get ready for bed when my older son asks me why the bathroom is flooded..I look up to see what he was talking about and sure enough, it was totally flooded! I forgot about the baby and walk over to investigate when I hear a "splat"! I look back and the baby is face down, naked on the floor.  He had a bloody nose and scared me half to death because he was crying so hard he couldn't breathe.  I freaked and called 911...but thankfully he was fine by the time they got there.  Not my best moment!
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  • Not exactly a fall, but at 13 months DS pulled a table lamp down on his forehead within minutes of arriving on our vacation. It bled like a mofo and I just freaked out. His whole face was covered in blood. Fortunately my mom and brother stepped in and helped clean the blood and apply pressure and ice. He didn't need stitches but he still has a scar. Later that night I had the first hard alcohol I'd had since before I got pregnant. I was so upset.
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  • Last year, C fell off the bed at my in-laws onto a hard wood floor. Of course she was standing and landed right on her forehead. It sounded like something snapped and I was sure I was running to a broken arm or leg. Nope, just the biggest lump I've ever seen. Not really a big deal, but scary as hell.

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  • image LalaMama81:

    DD1 fell head over heels down the entire wooden staircase around age 3. However, no injuries.

    DD fell down carpeted stairs at about that age...she kind of rode a pillow down, but it was still scary. Her worst fall was at school...apparently she went to hug a boy and missed...hit her head on the corner of the teacher's desk. Still has a scar on her forehead. She bled everywhere, all the kids were so freaked out. I got like 10 phone calls after school checking on her. 

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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
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