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Could it be 4 month wakeful?

I have a son and you would think I'd remember these things but I don't - maybe the sleep deprivation caused me to forget. Anyway my DD wont be 4 mos until the 6th but could it be the 4 month wakeful already or another phase? For the past few nights my DD has been waking after her feedings and it's taking me so long to get her back to sleep. She usually is good about just falling back to sleep after her MOTN feeding. I originally thought it was because I/we were falling asleep in the rocking chair and then getting up was disturbing her. But the past 2 nights I've made sure not to put my head back so I won't fall asleep. I do think she is teething but she doesn't seem to be in pain while being awake. So do you think that's it? How long is it supposed to last? Hopefully not as long as the 3 month growth spurt - that was brutal. Thanks ladies!!
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Re: Could it be 4 month wakeful?

  • I read that it lasts from 15wks until 19wks
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  • that's how ours started....
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  • I forgot all about 4 month wakeful period. With DD#1 it lasted for about 6 weeks. I am so no looking forward to it again. 
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  • We are in the middle of this right now.  It's horrible.  I was late for work today because I slept through my alarm because I'm so dang tired.  It looks like our children have the same birthday, Oct. 6th.

    A little over a week ago he started demanding 2 feeding sessions at night.  Then it turned into being fussy all day and not really napping.  A few times at night he is just wide awake and smiling away.  We had been able to lay him down and he would fall asleep.  Not the last two nights.  He wakes up screaming, boob is the only thing that calms him...and of course me holding him.  Yesterday he ate 10oz when I was at work.  Last night he woke up 3 times, up for the day at 5am.  We are seriously dragging.  My husband is a SAHD right now, that's our only saving grace.

    Now that I look at the calendar - it did start at 15 weeks.   

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